Ornn Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

Ornn Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Ornn in LoL Wild Rift, his best Items, Runes, Counters, Spells, combo and Skin.

Ornn is a super tanky champion in the game with a unique passive that allows you to buy any item anywhere around the map. His passive also help your team to purchase items after they reach level 13, which is super useful in the late game as you don’t have to recall even if you have enough mana and lifesteal as you don’t even have to base to get items and can keep pressuring the map and getting objectives. He also has tons of CC and is a utility tank that can simultaneously stun multiple targets, making him a priority pick. He is also easy to use and play, and you can get the hang of him in a few games.

Ornn Combo

Ultimate+Second Ability+Third Ability+Ultimate+First Ability+Second Ability

You start his combo by using his ultimate. Use your third, second ability and first ability again to dash towards targets and knock them up, which CC them. Then again cast your ultimate, which knocks them up. Finally, use your second ability that targets enemies and hitting them knocks them back.

Ornn Spells
Best spell of Ornn Wild Rift
Flash+Ignite is the best battle spell if you will build Ornn as baron, as you lack dash and mobility. Take Flash+Smite if you are going to take him in the Jungle.

Ornn Counters

One of his biggest weaknesses is his lack of Dashes. Even if he uses his Dash, it is easy to dodge, which makes him very vulnerable to kiting and hard to play against champions with tons of Dashes and mobility. So, heroes like Sion, Garen, Zed, and Rengar are strong against Ornn in Wild Rift, whereas he is weak against Darius, Fiora, Vayne, Kkaisai and Master Yi.

Ornn Items

Here is the set of LoL Wild Rift items suitable for the Ornn build so you can carry most of the games:

Ornn item wild rift
Sunfire cape
Sunfire Cape is a super powerful item for him as he is a champion who likes to be all up in your face. He can use the passive of the Sunfire cape effectively.

Warmog, as your second item, grants you the cooldown and tons of health, which is good for the Ornn tank build. Its passive allows you to sustain in the lane because this item gives you health regen when out of combat.

Spirit visage 
Spirit visage is a good choice of magic resistance on him. It’s passive and also grants you extra healing and cooldown reduction.

Amaranth Twinguard
This item grants you both magic resistance and armor. Its passive grants you extra magic resistance and armor. Further, this item gives you tenacity against enemies and makes you super tanky.

Mantle of the twelfth hour
It grants you both magic resistance and armor. It also gives you bonus healing when below 35% health which can come in clutch in late-game fights.

Ornn Runes

Here is the set of Runes you must use for Ornn in Wild Rift to strengthen his Tank build:

best rune of Ornn wild rift
Grasp of the undying 
It is the best rune as he likes to engage in combat constantly, and he can benefit from this rune and get extra health.

He can easily use this rune fully and make his teammates do extra damage to the enemy team.

Ornn is super strong in the late game, and this rune makes him tankier. It grants you more and more magic resistance and armor the longer the game goes on, which makes him super tanky.

If you build Ornn with Demolish rune, he can do lots of damage being a tank and can shred towers with it.

Ornn Skin

Ornn best skin wild rift