Wukong Wild Rift Build Guide and His Rare Skin

Wukong Wild Rift Build Guide and His Rare Skin

Wukong is the all-time best and most reliable pick in Wild Rift for the baron lane and jungle due to his insane durability paired up with his armor penetration, an insane amount of damage, and utility with his ultimate. Due to all the above reasons, Wwukong has really never fallen out of the meta and will always continue to dominate the rift in the jungle and baron. Here, I will guide you to build WuKong in LoL Wild Rift. Let us continue.

Best Combo of Wukong in Wild Rift

Wukong is one of the easiest and beginner-friendly champions that you can pick up due to his ridiculously easy-to-use and simple kit. The combo of Wukong usually starts with his second ability, which gives him brief invisibility allowing him to dash to enemies using his third ability. You can use Wukong’s ultimate to knock up enemies, followed by his first ability and then again his second charge of his ultimate.

Best Items of Wukong in Wild Rift

Divine is the first best-build item on wukong in Wild Rift, as it allows you to deal tons of damage, can be tanky, and give you the ability to haste. The second item to build Wukong is the death dance to add more sustainably and provide extra healing for every takedown you achieve. After that, black cleaver for armor penetration and extra sustain and sterak’s gage for shield whenever you are low health. Guardian angle as your last item is always a good choice for Wukong as you can play the aggressive late game.

Best Runes of Wukong in Wild Rift

Since wukong is a champion that likes combat; therefore, the conqueror is the best rune to build him in Wild Rift. This rune allows wukong to do extra damage as he can easily stack this rune. Triump, as Wukong’s secondary rune, will allow him to deal extra damage to low-health targets and gives you healing. Hunter titan for extra tenacity, followed by Hunter genius for ultimate cooldown.

Best Spells of Wukong in Wild Rift

Flash and ignite are ideal spells for Wukong build if you are playing baron lane, but go flash and smite if you are playing jungle in the Rift. These spells can help you to get maximum performance from Wukong.

Wukong’s counters in Wild Rift

One of the major weaknesses of Wukong is his lack of mobility as everyone can kit him with dashes. Apart from that, Wukong really does not have any weaknesses, as he can easily play for his team and provide tons of utility.

Lee Sin, Olaf, and Garen can counter the Wukong, but the Wukong is strong against the champions like Jax, Teemo, Jayce, and Irelia.

Best Wukong skin

Radiant wukong skin

Radiant wukong is the best and rarest skin for wukong which is a legendary tier skin in Wild Rift. You can not buy this skin even if you want to, as it is no longer available in the shop. Radiant wukong is only available during certain special events which have not been confirmed yet but have been rumored within the Wild Rift community. If you ever see this skin available in the shop, purchase it, as it is rare skin and will not be here for long.