Volibear Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

Volibear Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Volibear in LoL Wild Rift, his best Items, Runes, Counters, Spells, combo and Skin.

Volibear is a tanky jungler or baron lane hero in Lol Wild Rift, and he is a dualist that does more damage the more in combat he is. He is also easy to play hero in the game due to his low skill ceiling. If you are looking for a champion to play in the jungle, then Volibear is the champion you must build in this meta. He also has a unique ultimate that makes diving enemy champions easy under the tower due to his ultimate that disables enemy turrets for a brief time.

Volibear Combo

First Ability+Second Ability+Ultimate+Second Ability

Start his combo attack using the first ability that grants him bonus movement speed. After that, use your second ability, which slows and gives you a shield when you are inside it and starts the fights with your ultimate that makes you untargetable and grants you extra defense and stats and then auto the enemies, and your passive will deal area damage while you attack it will stack your second ability, and you can use it to deal bonus damage to a selected champion.

Volibear Best Spell

Volibear best spell wild rift
If you want to play in baron lane, you must build Volibear with Flash and Ignite spells. However, for jungling, Flash+Smite is the best spell combo for him. You can also go ghost instead of flash if you are confident with your ability to run the enemies down.

Volibear Counters

Since he does not have many gaps closer apart from his ultimate, one of his biggest weaknesses is his lack of mobility and is easy to kite out. Also, he is weak against strong jungle enemy champions who can prevent him from farming. So, the champions who can counter Volibear are Darius, Fiora, Vayne, and Master Yi, whereas he is weak against Zed, Rengar, nunu and Sion.

Volibear Runes

Here is the set of Runes you must use for Volibear in Wild Rift to strengthen his build for Jungling:

best rune volibear wild rift
Conquerer is the suitable rune of Volibear, as you can easily stack this rune for the bonus damage; however, you can also go aftershock or grasp if you are going full tank build.

It allows you to deal more damage to low-health targets. It also grants health for every takedown. You can also swap this rune out with brutal for the extra early-game damage.

Second wind 
Second wind allows you to recover health and give you extra sustain in the lane. This helps you to scale up safely to the late game.

Since Volibear is a good split pusher, you can pick demolish rune for the extra turret damage. You can also go honey fruit for sustain and gold or mana flow band if you want the extra mana.

Volibear Items

Here is the set of LoL Wild Rift items suitable for the Volibear build so you can carry most of the games:

wild rift item for volibear
Black cleaver 
Black cleaver is the ideal first item. It gives you extra cooldown reduction and provides health. It allows you to shred the enemy team armor and gives you movement speed every time you auto enemy champs, which helps you to run down enemies.

Divine sunder 
Divine grants you more health and heals you from hitting the enemy. This item is also good against tanky team champs.

Deaths dance 
Death dance grants you cooldown reduction and sustains against full ad enemy team comp. It’s passive and also grants you health after every takedown.

Steraks gage
Steraks gage grants you health and a big shield whenever you are under a certain health, which is ideal for a fighter like him.

Finally, complete building with Warmog as it grants you lots and lots of health and sustains in the late game.

Volibear Skin

Volibear skin wild rift