Tier List Sky Fortress Odyssey | Top 5 Best Characters

Tier List Sky Fortress Odyssey | Top 5 Best Characters

In this article, we will make a tier list of Characters/Heroes from the Sky Fortress: Odyssey (SFO), which can help players choose the best one for themselves.

“Sky Fortress: Odyssey” is a unique steampunk gacha game developed by BLANCOZONE NETWORK CO. LIMITED that seamlessly blends traditional RPG mechanics with unexpected gameplay elements. Dash through dynamic, fast-paced levels in parkour platforming segments and engage in intense bullet hell shootouts against swarms of enemies and colossal mechanical bosses. After conquering these challenges, retreat to your airship to strategize and plan your next move in this exhilarating and multifaceted gaming experience.

Sky Fortress Odyssey Tier List

TiersAll Characters
S TierNewton, Albert, Ling, Nimo, Qian Sui, Corvus, Andre, Hong Kui, Nicholas, Margaret, Beatrice, Brynhild
A TierEthan, Tricia, Vivian, Wang Shu, Xi He, Sherlyn, Joanna, Gerda, Della, Redhill, Joker, Croc, Cesar, Wiksa
B TierLu An, Marcus, Hong Zhu, Coco, Tiramisu, Franca, Hermol, Hank
D Tier

Best Characters in Sky Fortress Odyssey


Ling’s normal attack, Meticulous Grind, lets her release quick sword beams, dealing 103% damage per second. When she goes all out with her Ultimate Attack, Intrepidity, Ling charges up and unleashes a powerful sword beam, dealing damage equal to 960% of her ATK plus 800% of her DEF, clearing everything in its path. Her resilience is evident in her Never Regret passive, boosting her Max HP by 20% during battles. Additionally, her Two-way Fighter passive gives her a 3.5% chance to create a shield, a strong defense equal to 20% of her ATK plus 30% of her DEF. So, all these abilities of Ling make her the best character in Sky Fortress Odyssey.

Qian Sui

Another ideal character in this list is Wuan Sui. His regular attack, Death Penalty, showcases his mastery with the Tai’e Sword, releasing swift sword beams dealing 105% damage per second at a remarkable rate of 5 rounds per second. When it comes to his Ultimate Attack, Deprivation, Qian Sui summons a barrage of flying swords, unleashing a total of 1800% damage upon his enemies. His passive skill Manipulation, where he harnesses immense power, boosts his ATK by 16.5%. Additionally, his Auto Attack, Convict, demonstrates his strategic control over 10 flying swords. These swords interlace and pierce through back-row enemies, dealing a potent 20% AoE damage. This formidable skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds.


Newton’s regular attack, Vector Change, sees her firing scattered bullets forward at 15 rounds per second, dealing 125% damage per second. When she unleashes her Ultimate Attack, Rainbow Spectrum, Newton fires rainbow laser beams forward, dealing a substantial 1200% damage to enemies ahead. There is also a 5% chance to stun the target for 1.5 seconds, rendering them unable to attack or act. Her Passive ability, Scientific Pioneer, boosts her ATK by 16.5% in battles. As for her Auto Attack, Mechanical Apple, Newton throws a mechanical apple bomb that explodes upon contact, dealing potent 90% AoE damage. Additionally, there is a 15% chance to stun the target for 1.5 seconds, with a cooldown of 6 seconds. Overall, I would say Newtown is also the best hero in the Sky Fortress Odyssey that you must pick.


Albert’s regular attack, Photoelectric Effect, involves firing tracking electro balls at enemies, dealing a consistent 104% damage per second at a rate of 3 rounds per second. When he executes his Ultimate Attack, Energy Conservation, Albert unleashes 8 energy orbs on enemies. Each orb deals 120% damage, and 2 of them gracefully return on hit to heal the weakest ally. The restoration is substantial, equal to 2% of their Max HP plus 8% of Albert’s ATK.

Albert’s strategic prowess extends into his Passive ability, Keen Insight, where his sharp observations increase both his ATK and Max HP by 12% in battles. For his Auto Attack, Cosmological Constant, Albert releases either cosmological constant α or β. α restores HP equal to 24% of his ATK for all allies, concurrently boosting all allies’ CD Reduction by 30% for 3 seconds. Conversely, β deals 45% damage to all enemies and reduces their CD Reduction by 30% for 3 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 9 seconds. So, if you want to build a good team in Sky Fortress Odyssey, do not forget to pick Albert.


The final top tier character in this list is Andre, whose regular attack, Coin Shower, involves Andre throwing coins dealing 105% damage per second at an impressive rate of 10 rounds per second. When he unleashes his Ultimate Attack, Shining Light, the Laser Lamp emanates a radiant glow to penetrate enemies ahead. This skill deals 160% damage per second over 3 seconds, accompanied by a 50% chance to disarm targets for 2 seconds, rendering them unable to attack. His flair extends into his Passive ability, High Tech, where he enhances his strength with the latest inventions from the General Industry, increasing his ATK by 16.5%. For his Auto Attack, Mega Deal, Andre throws massive coins forward, dealing 72% damage along with an additional 100% Crit Damage. This powerful skill has a cooldown of 6 seconds, making Andre a captivating force on the Sky Fortress battlefield, combining entertainment with strategic might.

In conclusion, I hope this tier list will help you select the best character in Sky Fortress. The S Tier are significant and Strong characters, whereas the D Tier has less utility.

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