Hero Wars Best Teams & Lineup

Hero Wars Best Teams & Lineup

In this article, we will build the 5 Best teams in the Hero Wars so players can choose the relevant one to defeat Archdemon, Hydra and other battles.

Hero Wars, developed by Nexters, is an engaging RPG fantasy adventure game playable on both web and mobile platforms. In this idle game, players embark on a journey to complete quests and efficiently manage their energy, encouraging a return the next day for further progression. The initial gameplay introduces players to one primary hero, Galahad, along with the Campaign mode. However, as players advance, they unlock an array of exciting features such as new game modes, additional heroes, mighty Titans, and loyal Pets.

5 Best Teams For in Hero Wars

Team 1

Chabba+Tristan+Krista+Cornelius +Alvanor

In this Hero Wars team comp, Chabba plays the role of a Tank and as a Control, and he will be in the Front-Line position. With his skills, he can slow down the enemies. His ability, Fat Layer, can create a shield proportionally to lost HP. Also, his ultimate skill can restore his HP, making him more durable. Tristan will play a Warrior Role where he will deal the most damage; he also plays in the Front-Line. He deals damage with his skill by his ultimate, and he gains energy from the Tank, which makes him Useful in the battle. Krista plays the role of a Mage, where she will deal damage from the middle line.

Cornelius is going to be the Support in this team. He provides Debuff to enemies and increases the Magic Defense of other heroes. Alvanor will be a Healer and play from the Backline, where he will heal all heroes. So, the combination of Chabb, Trista, Krist, Cornelius and Alvanor can make the best team in Hero Wars and work well against Hydra and Archdemon.

Team 2

Luther+Qing Mao+Lilith +Jet +Dorian

Luther plays the role of a tank in this team, where he tanks the damage and stunts the enemies. He can also increase the Magic Defense of the other heroes and plays in the front line. Qing Mao plays the role of a Warrior, where she deals most of the damage and takes a lot of damage. She can knock back enemies and blind them as well. Lilith plays the role of Marksman and a mage she plays from the Middle Line, where she debuffs enemies and puts a curse on them as well.

Jet will play the role of Healer and Support, where he buffs other heroes and increases all heroes’ critical damage. Dorian will play a support role where he Restores the HP of Heroes and buff characters.

Team 3

Cleaver+Ishmael+Dark star+Isaac+Maya

It is another Hero Wars best team build where you must line up Cleaver in the front row as he is the Tank/Controller. He can stunt enemies and deal a lot of damage with his passives. Ishmael plays the Warrior role, where he does a lot of damage to enemies. He also can stunt enemies, which can help all heroes to preserve their HP.

Dark Star plays the role of Marksman and Control, where she deals damage from the Backline, providing Buff to other heroes. She can also knock back enemies as well. Isaac will play the role of support from the Middle Line. He provides Buff to heroes for 8 seconds, including a Shield. He can also knock back enemies as well as debuff the enemies. Finally, Maya plays the Healer role and a Mage from the Middle Line. She provides healing to characters and provides a shield as well.

Team 4


Corvus plays the role of a Tank as he deals High Physical damage to enemies and can increase the physical damage of other heroes. Arachne plays the role of Warrior and Control, where she deals damage to enemies and can stunt enemies as well. Artemis plays as Marksman, where she deals damage from the Backline. Her damage increases when enemies are stunted, so she pairs well with Arachne.

Sebastian plays the role of Support from the Middle line. He provides a Shield and stunts the enemies in the process. He also provides a buff to enemies with his Passive Skill. Finally, Thea plays the role of Healer from the Back Line. She heals all the heroes with her Skill, and with her skill, she heals the hero with the least HP. So, if you are seeking teams for Archdemon in Hero Wars, I think this character combination will also work well.

Team 5


Julius plays the role of a Tank in this team composition, where he protects all the heroes. He also provides Buff to heroes as well. Kayla plays as a Warrior, where she deals a lot of damage to enemies. She can also blind the enemies. She deals damage to multiple enemies at once, which can be good.

Orion plays the Role of Mage, where he deals damage to enemies and can stunt the enemies. Octavia plays the role of Support, where he buffs all teammates. Celeste plays the role of Healer and Control. She has two forms Dark Form and Light Form. In Her Light Form, she heals her allies, and in Her Dark Form, she blinds enemies and deals damage to enemies.

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