How to make a lot of BP in pubg: new state quickly?

How to make a lot of BP in pubg: new state quickly?

BP is a kind of currency in pubg: new state. Players can obtain some items like skins, clothes for free from the bp shop by using BP.

The list of rewards that you can unlock from the pubg new bp shop:(i) Opulent king-pan
(ii) Champagne gold-volta
(iii) Deep silver-lighting
(iv) Vented operator pants

(v) Cargo pants
(vi) Paradise cap
(vii) Authentic tank top
(viii) Lettering tank top
(ix) Survivor letting T-shirt, finger gloves tan and leather.

The reward kept in the BP shop is the most precious item that you cant unlock from other sources.

So, it’s necessary to know some way to earn BP fast so that you can get those all things quickly.

How to make a lot of BP in PUBG: New state

1) Survival pass method

The survivor pass is the best option to obtain more than 8000 BP and other prizes. But to claim these rewards, you have to buy a premium pass with NC.

So, if you have already purchased the premium pass, try to level up your rank to obtain BP in 1 to 50 rank.

2) Daily roulette

The daily roulette is the best place to earn more than 5k BP for free in Pubg new-state. It is a lucky draw system, and if you have good luck, you can unlock a lot of BP in a single day.

The rule of daily roulette is simple- Go to the event and draw to get at least one random reward every day.

3) Make more achievement points.

Players can also get free BP by making more achievement points in Pubg new.
(i) Go to your profile
(ii) Go to the achievement and tap on the reward option.
(iii) new check out the rewards and make points accordingly.

So to claim the BP and other prizes, you have to complete the achievement challenges.

And after the completion of missions and tasks, you can successfully make more than 2000 BP in a new state for free.

Here are some achievement challenges that you have to finish:
(i) Join or create a clan.
(ii) Try on a costume from the inventory.
(iii) Linnk an account from any palteform.
(iii) Play 10 matches in Erangle.
(iv) Kill 10 players with a vehicle in Erangle.

4) Play more matches.

Win the match and make alot of BP in pubg: new state

Also, playing more matches in Pubg: New state is one of the best ways to make unlimited BP fast.

Whenever you enter the match, either you have to get high kills or get the best position among all opponents.

So, depending upon your performance, the game will give you a lot of BP coins as a bonus reward.


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