Best Assault Rifles in Pubg New State: Top 3

Best Assault Rifles in Pubg New State

Pubg New State has different weapon choices like Assault Rifles, Snipers, shotguns, and many more, and the player who can choose the best among them gets the chicken dinner. 60% of the winning chance depends on the gun selection and 40% on the skill and ability.

You can carry two guns for the battle royale in New state; one is a Pistol other might be your wish, like AR, SMG, Sniper, or Whatever. Most players prefer to carry AR as they have impressive features to take the win.

Top 3 Best Assault Rifles in Pubg New State

1. M416

M416 Pubg New State

M416 is the AR gun in PNS, which is easy to control, and its bullet accuracy, Fire Rate is perfect. If you carry M416 Assault Rift with its best attachments, chicken dinner is yours; its attachments are:

(i) On Muzzle, Compensator
(ii) On Scope, 3X Scope or 6X
(iii) On Grip, Vertical Foregrip
(iv) Magazine, Extended OQuick Draw MG
(v) Stock, Tactical Stock

The best thing about this Pubg New AR gun, M416, is its availability; you can find it easily in the battleground. Also, it can perform best even without heavy attachments.

2. MCX

The second Strongest Assault Rifle weapon of New State in this list is MCX. Indeed, this AR somewhat performs like M416, but the good thing is you will feel more comfortable with this gun. Its accuracy and bullet speed are more satisfactory than M416.

So, you can use the same attachments for MCX in Pubg New that you use for the M416 AR gun. This gun will help you to win long-range battles. Moreover, MCX is also one of the perfect Pubg New state Assault Rifles for the TDM because of its accuracy.

3. Beryl M762

Beryl M762 Assault Rift New state

If you compare all the Pubg New AR Weapons, you will find Beryl M762 has the highest damage and Amo speed. The problem is you will feel difficulty in long-range fights as the recoil of this AR is difficult to control. But try this powerful AR in short-range battles because you will not regret it.

The best attachment of Beryl M762 in Pubg New state are:
(i) On Muzzle, Compensator
(ii) On scope, Viper, A-Spec Sight
(iii) On Grip, Lightweight Grip
(iv) ON Magazine, Extended quick draw, Mag

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