Frozen Wonderland Crate in Pubg new state

Frozen Wonderland Crate in Pubg new state

On 22nd January 2022, Pubg new state has brought a new crate called a Frozen Wonderland crate. Players can get a crystal queen dress and crystal fire Beryl M762 skin as a special reward by opening the crate.

Also, the frozen crate contains other rewards such as snow maiden backpack and helmet skin, snow gun SLR, Snow maiden costume, Hat, Gloves, Boots, Snow gun P90, and many more.

But the reward outcome is Random. What you will get from the crate opening depends upon the luck. So, let us discuss how to open the Frozen Crate to get the Crystal queen outfit and Beryl M762 skin for free.

Crystal Queen dress

Crystal Queen dress in Pubg new state

The crystal Queen dress is an upgradable female outfit in Pubg new state. Every time you upgrade this dress, you will get a new look.

Furthermore, the best thing about the queen outfit is if you upgrade it to level 3, you will get other rewards such as:
(i) Team join emote
(ii) Parachute emote
(iii) Nameplate emote

Crystal Fire- Beryl M762

Crystal Fire- Beryl M762 in pubg new state

It is a new skin of upgradable gun M762 in Pubg new state. Firstly, you have to unlock this skin from the woodland crate, and after that, you can upgrade it up to level 7 to get a new look and feature.

Level 1: Normal look
Level 2: Kill sound
|Level 3: Muzzle effect
Level 4: New look+Special kill effect
Level 5: Hit effect
|Level 6: Loot box
Level 7: Unique look+Kill feed feature

Frozen wonderland Crate in Pubg new state

Players need either NC or chicken medal or crate voucher to open the Frozen crate. The price of opening the crate is:
(i) X500NC or X5CM or 1vouchar for one time opening
(ii) X4500NC or X50CM or 10Vouchars for 11 crate opening

You know, the crystal dress and gun skin is the legendary reward of this crate, so you should select anyone among them before opening. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to Frozen wonderland crate

|Step 2: Tap on ‘select legendary selection’ on the side of the item
Step 3: Now, select one legendary reward you like to unlock

How to get Crystal queen dress and Beryl M762 in Pubg new state?

Frozen Wonderland Crate in Pubg new state

Step 1:- Firstly, you need to have the required resources to open the crate. (NC or Chicken medal or vouchers)
Therefore, check out mail every day because it is the best place to get CM and Voucher for free.
|Step 2:- Go to the crate section.
Step 3:- Select the item you like to unlock and open the crates.

So, spending the chicken medal and voucher is the best way to unlock the crystal fire Beryl M762 skin and Queen dress from the Frozen wonderland crate in Pubg new state.