How to get Among Us-M416 and Other Rewards in Pubg New State?

How to get Among Us-M416 and Other Rewards in Pubg New State?

After collaborating with Among Us Game on 21st April 2022, Pubg New state has brought many rewards, including Among US-M416 Skin.
Players can obtain these rewards by opening Among Us crate in the game.

New State Among Us Crate reward List:

New State Among Us Crate reward List:

So, the table shows all the rewards of Among Us crate, but among them all, M416 is a legendary skin, but its outcome chance is 0.30%.

Among US M414Among US-MK14 Mutant
Among US Red MaskAmong US -S12K
Among US JacketAmong US-D5R-1
Among US ShirtAmong US-Volta
Among US PantsAmong US-Electron
Among US GlovesAmong US-Nova
Among US Helmet Level 1-3Among US-Ev-Ax
Among US Backpack Level 1-3Among US-Vrion T
Among US-Vector skinAmong US-Vulture
Among US -SLR SkinAmong US-Emotes
Space Ranger Post 1-4

Get Among US-M416 skin

M416-Among US is an upgradable skin in New state. Players can upgrade this skin up to the 9th level, and in each Level up, this skin gets new features.

Among US-M416 skin
1Kill sound Lv1
2Muzzle Effect Lv1
3Special Kill Effect Lv1
4Muzzle Effect Lv2
5Special Kill Effect Lv2
6Hit Effect Lv1
7Hit Effect Lv2
8Loot Box Lv1
9Kill Feed Lv1

So, to unlock the Among US-M416 skin in Pubg New state, you will have to open Among US crate. You will obtain 3 Among US crates for free from the Mailbox.

But, after that, you will have to spend chicken medals and NC for crate opening.

The cost of opening Among US Crate is- 5Chicken Medal or 500NC for one-time opening and 50Chicken Medal or 4500NC for 11 times opening.

Related Questions

  • What is Among US Reward Roulette?

It is a kind of Reward wheel from which you can unlock many rewards related to the Among US X Pubg New state event.

From this Roulette, you can get prizes like;
(i) Among US Avatars
(ii) Among US Avatar Frame
(iii) Among US T-shirts
(iv) Among US Royal Crate.

  • How to use Among US Roulette in New state?

The rule is simple- Firstly, you need to have among us medal to complete the events.

So, to obtain the Among us medal, go-to event and go to Among US giveaway event and complete the missions.

You will get missions such as;
(i) Play Matches in erangle extreme- 40M.
(ii) Kill a total of 9 players in erangle- 250M
(iii) Survive for 30m in a battle royale match-200M
(iv) Win 1 time-40M
(v) Survive for 60m in a battle royale match-350M

(So, enjoy the Pubg new State collaboration with Among US and try to obtain all rewards.)