How to Get Free 400UC in Pubg Mobile? New Growing Pack Event

How to Get Free 400UC in Pubg Mobile? New Growing Pack Event

On 21st April 2022, Pubg Mobile/BGMI has brought a growing pack event from which players can obtain 400UC for Free, including other rewards such as Deep Freeze-Thompson SMG, Trendsetter glasses, Trendsetter cover, and 25 Green white crystals. 

What is Growing Pack in Pubg Mobile?

A growing pack is an event that comes in PUBGM on special occasions. This event is one of the best opportunities for the players to collect some rare skins and Free UC. 

So, the rule of the Growing Pack event is simple- You have to complete some missions to get the rewards. It is such an event where you have to invest some UC to get extra UC+Other prizes. 

For example, if you get enough growing pack points, you need some UC to purchase a pack from this event. Do you remember? Last time Pubg Mobile brought UMP’s Growing pack with 400UC, where you invested 300UC. In that time, we got 100 UC for free in Pubg Mobile.

But, during this time, you will get 400 free UC and other rare skins by investing 400 UC, which is profitable. 

Get 400UC for free from Growing Pack in Pubg Mobile:

Firstly, purchase the last(1000 point) growing pack package with 400 UC. Now, you will say, why invest?

But it is a rule, and your investment will not go to waste because;
(i) Firstly- you will get your invested UC after making 1K points.
(ii) Secondly, you will get those rewards that rarely come in the game.

Also, you have to obtain 1000 growing points by completing some missions such as:-
(i) Login for a total of 12 days to get 400 points
(ii) Spend over 120 minutes in the game to get 80 points.
(iii) Finish in Top 3 in classic mode- 200 points. And So on.

Related Questions

  • What is the Use of Green White Crystal in Pubg Mobile?

The Green white crystal is an item you can use to redeem various rewards from a local shop.

Using this crystal, you can buy items such as:-
(i) Mr. Graps head gear+set
(ii) Floral Dacia Skin
(iii) Devourer set+cover

(iv) Happy Beat set
(v) Googly grenade
(vi) Boom Set+Headgear
(vii) Golden Jaws Dacia
(viii) Anarkali Set etc.

  • What is the use of UC in Pubg Mobile?

(i) To Purchase skin, elite pass, EP plus, Popularities.
(ii) To upgrade upgradable items.
(iii) To open crates and spin.
(iv) To purchase characters and X-suits and many more.