How to get all new companions in Pubg mobile/BGMI?

How to get all new companions in Pubg mobile/BGMI?

Pubg mobile/BGMI introduced new companions, Shiba Inu, Kitten, GB Teddy bear, Robin hood Teddy bear, and Sherlock Holmes Teddy bear, on June 24, 2022, and players can now obtain these all surprises. In this article, we will discuss all of it.

A companion in this game is the pet, your friend that you can take to the battleground for fun and show off.

Till now, Pubg mobile and BGMI have brought different companions for the players, such as Falcon, Buddy Godzilla, Buddy Kong, Poro, Cathy, Buddy Tyl Regor, Buddy Pen Pen, and Hola Buddy.

Whether you have these pets or not, your opponents are exploring the battlefield with these creatures together.

Similarly, again, the game has brought 5 new friends for you. You can get these all companions in Pubg mobile/BGMI from the Hola Buddy Spin. By spinning Hola spin, you will also get other rewards such as skins, avatars, etc.

The price of the first spinning hola spin is 10 UC, but you have to spend 90 UC for each trial, and if you want to spin 10 times at once, it requires 810 UC.

Best ways to unlock new companions in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

You must select one section.

First, you much select your best among them before trying your lock to get the targeted pet with a high chance:
(i) All Prize pools:- You must select one of these companies and then spin.

(ii) Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear:- On this draw, you can unlock Pubg mobile/BGMI pets, GB teddy bear, and Sherlock holmes teddy bear.
(iii) Robin Hood Teddy Bear:- From this draw, you can unlock GB and Robin Teddy bear.

(iv) Kitten/Shiba Inu: From this draw, you can unlock Shiba Inu and Kitten in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

Alternative Method(Buddy Coin)

You can also redeem these companions with buddy coins, and the progress packages and spin rewards are the way to earn Coins.

Spin TimesRewards
201 Premium crate
50Sherlock Holmes for 10 Days
100100 Buddy Coins
150Robin Hood for 10 Days
200150 Buddy coins

After collecting enough buddy coins, you can exchange them with the best companion. Here is the list of buddies and the Coins required to unlock them.

BuddyRequired Coins
Robin Hood Teddy Bear1500
Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear1500
GB Teddy Bear1250
Shiba Inu135

Tip for players who have Less UC

It is not the free method, but this tip will work if you want to get Shibu Inu Kitten, GB Teddy bear, Robin Hood, and Sherlock Holmes with less UC in Pubg Mobile and BGMI.

For this, you should spin for onetime, but every day as the price of each first spin is only 10 UC.

As well you can use the voucher for the discount:
(i) Go to the event and gift.
(ii) Tap on Cute GB Teddy bear is here.
(iii) Spin every day for one time.