How to build Xiangling in Genshin Impact? The Broken Pryo Carry

How to build Xiangling in Genshin Impact? The Broken Pryo Carry

While you build Xiangling in Genshin Impact, you should have proper knowledge of her weapon, artifact sets, talent, and team composition.

Xiangling was an underrated character in the early days of release, but as time passed, players started to recognize the true potential of this Powerful 4-star character. She is a very versatile character as she can be used mainly as main-DPS or sub-DPS in Genshin Impact.

Guide for Best Xiangling Build in Genshin Impact:

1. Use the perfect talent of Xiangling.

Perfect talent of Xiangling in Genshin Impact

While you build Genshin Xiangling, you should consider her best talents which are as follow:
(I) Guoba Attack
Xianglings elemental is a bear that sits there and does constant pyro damage to the enemy. This skill is not very good as it misses its shots a lot, does not move at all, and enemies can easily escape him. The Main use of the Guoba Attack is not the damage but rather the pyro particles. This skill has an okay amount of damage overall.

(II) Pyronado
Pyronado is the core of xianglings kit, her elemental burst as a broken pyro carry. The scaling in this ability is insane. It is a disk that circles the on-field character dealing damage and applying pyro on every hit. It is also an ability that snapshots as if you use and characters buff food and uses xianglings burst the buff last even after the buff provided is finished. This burst of Xiangling is very useful for elemental-based teams like Tartaglia vape.

2. Pick the best Artifact sets to build Xiangling.

The emblem of severed fate is the strongest, and the best artifact sets for Xiangling build in Genshin Impact. It is a very versatile set that and be used in many characters and still, gives the best result as per damage and buffs. This set in 2-piece provides 20% energy recharge, which is essential for xiangling to manage her high burst cost.

Emblem of severed fate: Best artifact of Xiangling build

But the main advantage of this set is the using the 4-piece, where it increases the elemental burst damage by 25% of the energy recharge, and she gets a maximum of 75% bonus damage. This way helps to give more damage to the already high scaling elemental burst damage of xiangling. A severed fate set is perfect, but you need to stack a lot of energy recharge onto your xiangling.

But if you are playing xiangling in an overloaded or vaporized team, using the crimson witch of flames set is more viable. The crimson witch set can give more damage potential to xiangling compared to the emblem of severed fate set in these situations.

3. Xiangling Preferred Artifact Stats

For Genshin Xiangling, having energy recharge is a must. But, other than energy recharge, you typically want crit damage, crit rate, attack%, and elementary mastery. The average ratio of energy recharge you need on xiangling is around 180 energy recharges.

4. Unlock and upgrade the best weapons for Xiangling

If you want to play Xiangling as the ideal character in Genshin, you need to have a suitable weapon for her as it will build her more power. The catch and the Staff of homa are the perfect weapons you can give to Xiangling.

(I) The Catch
One of the Strongest weapons to use on xiangling is the catch. The catch is a free-to-play weapon obtained freely by completing the fishing event, and we can also get the refinements. It is an insane weapon as its main stat is energy recharge which is essential for xiangling and very useful if you are using the emblem of severed fate set on her.

Its passive is that it increases elemental burst damage by 32% and increases elemental burst crit rate by 12%. This weapon is the best option for Xiangling’s build, and the catch can also out DPS of 5-star weapons.

(II) Staff of Homa
It stands as the most Powerful and Popular in usage rate and the most broken weapon in Genshin Impact. It is a five-star weapon having a base stat of max 608 damage and has crit dmg as its main stat, which is very important in this game of 66.2% in max ascension. Its passive is also very powerful as in use hp is increased by 20%, provides attack bonus based on 0.8% on wielders max hp. And When wielders hp is less than 50 %, the attack bonus increases by 1% of the max hp.

This weapon is the best weapon for xiangling in the entire game overall. It can help your xiangling to give a lot of damage if you can keep her health bar below 50%.

5. Choose the best team comp for Xiangling.

The National team and Childe Vape are the best team composition for the Xiangling in Genshin Impact. Let us know why?

(I) The National Team
The national team is one of the strongest and most popular teams in the Genshin world. This team has many variations of using Kazuha, Raiden Shogan or sucrose, and many more.

The National Team: Best Team compo for Xiangling in Genshin

But the best core part and essential character in The National Team composition is xiangling, as she is mainly there to deal a lot of damage with her pyronado. Xiangling performs best in this team, as without her, a lot of damage go waste.

(II) Childe Vape Comp
The childe vape comp is another powerful team comp for xiangling. This team works as childe is the hydro applier, whereas xiangling vaporizes the hydro with insanely high scaling elemental burst pyronado. This team is best but needs practice as you need to funnel particles to your xiangling and get used to childe’s Elemental skill.

Childe Vape Comp: Xiangling team composition

So, in conclusion, this is how you build the strongest xiangling in Genshin Impact- She is one of the perfect carries in the game, and you should use her in your team.