Tier List Shield Hero: RISE | Top 5 Best Characters

Tier List Shield Hero: RISE | Top 5 Best Characters

In this article, we will make a Tier List of all characters/Heroes from the Shield Hero Rise so the players can choose the best one for themselves.

Shield Hero: RISE is an engaging mobile game rooted in the popular anime series, officially licensed by Kadokawa Corporation. True to the anime’s narrative, characters, and distinctive aesthetic, the game offers players an immersive experience. Featuring diverse gameplay elements, it unfolds a captivating world for players to delve into, combining thrilling action with strategic exploration. Within this dynamic gaming environment, assemble strategic squad lineups, empowering them to stand resilient against the relentless waves of calamity.

Shield Hero: RISE Tier List

TiersAll Heroes/Characters List
S TierFilo – Queen Successor, Raphtalia- Manasword, Softtie, Itsuki Kawasumi, Motoyasu Kitamura, Jane D. Vanslord, Violincore, Ren Amaki,
A TierFullono, Thorne, Della, Owner of the Magic Shop, Filo, Von Laceynott, Phoebe, Alicia, Rapgtalia
B TierMelty, Filo- Monster Form, High Priest, Shadow, Balia, Pagani, Adam Dellen
C TierRishia, Study, Ume, Resty, Mochi, Mr. Lord, Koume, Arrow, Keel, Raphtalia- Infant
D TierRadish, Labo, Ake, Welest

Top 5 Best Characters in Shield Hero: Rise

1. Filo-Queen Successor

Filo-Queen Successor commands the Basic Wind Blade, summoning a small whirlwind that deals a formidable 100% DMG to her target. Her strategic power shines through the Brainstorm speciality, activating when only one enemy remains. At this moment, Filo gains [Morale Suppression], boosting her DMG by +30%. Her ultimate move, the Wind Bullet Combo, summons a tornado, dealing x5 53% DMG to her target. Each hit carries a splash impact of 53% DMG to an extra enemy, with a 50% chance of striking another. So, all these abilities of Filo Queen Successor make her the best hero in Shield Hero Rise.

2. Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura’s Basic skill, Downward Chop, swings the gun with expertise, dealing x2 50% DMG to the enemy. The strike carries a 20% chance of inflicting a Gunshot Wound, resulting in a -20 Strike SPD for the afflicted target. Motoyasu’s Passive Ability, Balanced Stance. Inflicts enemy with “Gunshot Wound” and gains 1 stack of “Gunshot Mark.” If an enemy remains of “Gunshot Mark” for 2 turns, Motoyasu assigns the mark to a random enemy. The marked targets, identified by “Gunshot Mark,” become susceptible to the heightened effectiveness of Motoyasu’s Secret Technique. Motoyasu unleashes his Ultimate, the “Spirit Spear.” This devastating attack deals 261% DMG to a single enemy. The attack damage is increased by 50% if the target bears the Gunshot Mark.

3. Fullono

Another best character in Shield Hero Rise is Fullono, thanks to her Useful skills. Her Basic move, Lightning Ball, hits a target with 100% damage. Her ongoing ability, “Lightning Chain,” zaps all enemies with 100% damage and a 25% chance of causing Electrified. “Chain Lightning” randomly zaps enemies for 80% damage, the hits matching the Electrified stacks. Hits against Electrified enemies increase to 100%, removing Electrified. There’s also a 20% chance of triggering “Chain Lightning” after an enemy act. Fullono’s Special mark, “Thunder Charge,” does the same as her ongoing ability, dealing 100% damage with a 25% chance of causing Electrified. The storm continues with an 80% damage zap to a random enemy. In her ultimate move, “Lightning Blitz,” Fullono transforms into lightning, zapping three enemies randomly for 44% damage, then charges to zap all enemies for a massive 140% damage. Strikes have a strong 60% chance of causing Electrified.

4. Ren Amaki

The another character, Ren Amaki’s Basic move, “Instant Slash,” has him dart forward, swiftly dealing 100% damage to the target. His Passive ability, “Holy Sword Aura.” Ren gains 1 stack of Sword Aura per action, lasting until the end of the fight. Upon reaching 3 stacks, his Basic Attacks get a boost with the powerful Aura Slash. The artistry extends with “Kendo,” enhancing Basic Attack effects when Sword Aura hits 3 stacks. With “Gas Chop,” Ren delivers a strike, dealing 100% damage to the target. Under Sword Aura’s influence, an extra x2 20% damage is unleashed. At the peak of his artistry, Ren executes his Ultimate move, “Shooting Star Blade.” This technique inflicts 150% damage to all enemies, with an extra 180% if a target has a shield.

5. Della

Finally, we have Della as a good character in this list. Della’s Basic move, “Elegant Strike,” waves the umbrella, dealing 100% DMG to an enemy unit. There’s a 50% base chance of inflicting “Parasol,” reducing the target’s ATK by 15%. Her Passive ability, “Umbrella of Boosted Achievements,” triggers when the Open Umbrella shield breaks or its duration ends. Upon end of the turn, Della deals DMG to the enemy equivalent to the absorbed damage by the shield. With her Ultimate move, “Full Power – Home,” Della enters the Open Umbrella state, granting a shield worth HP + 20% of the lost HP. The open umbrella and the shield last for 2 turns. In this state, she becomes the enemy’s priority target but gains +100% Debuff Immunity.

In conclusion, I hope this tier list will help you select the best character in Shield Hero Rise. The S Tier are significant and Strong characters, whereas the D Tier has less utility.

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