Metria Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

Metria Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

This article will make a tier list of all the characters/heroes in Metria, explaining briefly about best among them.

Metria is an open-world RPG that combines the excitement of anime with a thrilling battle system. You can experience the immersive world of Metria. You can choose from different heroes and join forces to take down your opponents using their incredible abilities. Timing is everything in this game, as the key to victory lies in knowing when to switch between characters. In this game, hope and sin collide, and the only way to survive is to rely on the power of starlight.

Characters Tier List in Metria

TiersAll Characters/Heroes List
S TierAru, Shash and Lunaria
A TierPopodero, Rio and Lucas
B TierZescol and Begius
C TierDino
1. Aru

Aru is one of the strongest characters in Metria. He possesses ranged attacks with tracking effects and a buff that could multiply regular damage. The enhancement of Normal damage by x2 makes Aru one of the most Powerful units among the demi-humans. Additionally, Aru is capable of delivering devastating Normal range strikes with tracking.

2. Shash

This hero is a skilled ranged fighter who excels in delivering multiple Normal strikes. Their ATK and DEF stats are exceptional, particularly when paired with debuff effects and a heightened critical hit rate.

3. Lunaria 

Lunaria is also main hero in Metria. She possesses natural magical abilities which can cast powerful spells to defeat her enemies.

4. Popodero

This character is ideal for absorbing damage and dealing close-range attacks, making it a versatile choice for combat situations.

5. Beigus

His strong and commanding presence, along with his massive shield, serves as a powerful representation of his duty as the defender. He isa always prepared to shield and protect his comrades.

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