SCP Roleplay Ranks and EXP Guide

SCP Roleplay Ranks and EXP Guide

Here, we will list all the ranks in the Roblox SCP Roleplay game, with the required experience(EXP) points to get there.

SCP Roleplay in Roblox is a game where you can play different characters from the SCP Foundation world. You can be a prisoner used for experiments, a scientist studying weird things, or a guard keeping things safe. Also, you can be one of the strange SCP creatures. Each role has its own abilities and goals, making it a fun and spooky game. You can work together with others to escape from these mysteries. 

This game is a very fun game to play with friends. In SCP: Roleplay, your rank shows how experienced you are in your team, like being a scientist or guard or another role. You earn Ranks by gaining Team XP. You can see that a bar at the top of the screen shows your progress. 

Ranks in SCP Roleplay don’t unlock new stuff like weapons or abilities, except for some special teams. NOTE: Teams are the many different roles you can play. So, here is the list of all teams in SCP Roleplay:

  1. Scientific Department
  2. Security Department 
  3. Class-D personnel 
  4. Mobile Task Force 
  5. Internal Security Department 
  6. Chaos Insurgency 
  7. Medical Department 
  8. Administrative Department 
  9. Rapid Response Team

All Ranks List in SCP Roleplay

There are different ranks for different Teams:

Scientific Department

RanksNeeded Exp
Intern 0
Trainee Researcher10
Junior Researcher60
Senior Researcher300
Head Researcher600
Assistant Board Director 900
Board Director 1200

Security Department

RanksNeeded Exp
Corporal 60
Staff Sergeant240

Class-D personnel

RanksNeeded Exp
Dedicated Class-D360
Adept Class-D720
Advanced Class-D1260
Veteran Class-D1600

Chaos Insurgency

RanksNeeded Exp
Conscript 0
Trained Conscript 30
Senior Conscript 60
Beta 180
Cell Agent420
Cell Director 600
Delta Command900
Gamma Command1260
Insurgency Command 1800

Medical Department

RanksNeeded Exp
Intern 0
Junior Resident30
Senior Resident120
Chief Resident180
Attending Physician600
Department Head 900
Medical Director 1200

Administrative Department

RanksNeeded Exp
Junior Manager 00
Senior Manager180
Site Assistant Manager240
Site Manager 360
Site Senior Manager 480
Site Director 600
Site Council720
Administrative Apprentice Regulator900
Administrative Regulator1260
Administrative Board1600
Administrative Council1800

Internal Security Department

RanksNeeded Exp
Entry Agent 00
Internal Agent30
Senior Agent 90
Supervisor 180
Senior Supervisor60
Lead Supervisor 600
Internal Security Manager960

Mobile Task Force

RanksNeeded Exp
Recruit 0
Operative 30
Senior Operative90
Elite Operative 180
Task Force Sergeant360
Task Force Lieutenant600
Task Force Leader960

Rapid Response Team

RanksNeeded Exp
Recruit 0
Trainee Operative30
Tactical Operative90
Team Lieutenant180
Team Leader270
Squadron Leader420
Squadrons Commanding Officer600
Head Commander 1260

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