All Ranks in Ninja Legends

All Ranks in Ninja Legends

In this article, you will find all the ranks in a Roblox Game, Ninja Legends, and the required coins/points to reach them.

Ninja Legend is a role-playing Roblox game where players control ninjas and explore a variety of islands, each with its unique challenges and enemies. Players can also compete against each other in PvP arenas. With different ninja weapons and skills, the game also features a unique pet system where players can collect and upgrade pets to help them in battle. Ninja Legends is a rewarding game that offers a lot of content to explore. Players can progress through the game by completing quests, defeating bosses, and exploring new islands.

Ninja Legends Ranks List in Order

There are more than 50 ranks in this game, which you can purchase with in-game coins. You can earn these coins/currency/points by playing games and completing tasks. So, here is the table displaying a list of all the ranks in order with required coins:

Grasshopper  2M
Master Ninja3.5Qa
Master Sensei2000Qa
Ninja Legend1.5Qi
Master Of Shadows250Qi
Immortal Assassin2.5Si
Eternity Hunter925Si
Shadow Legend250Sp
Dragon Warrior150c
Dragon Master3500c
Chaos Sensei5N
Chaos Legend60N
Master Of Elements800N
Elemental Legend6Dc
Ancient Battle Master850Dc
Ancient Battle Legend9Un
Legendary Shadow Duelist350Un
Master Legend Assassin 7Duo
Mythic Shadowmaster700Duo
Awakened Scythemaster2Qua
Awakened Scythe Legend100Qua
Master Legend Zephyr70Qui
Golden Sun ShurikeMaster700Qui
Golden Sun Shuriken Legend10SE
Dark Sun Samurai Legend9.5SP
Dragon Evolution Form I900SP
Dragon Evolution Form II16.20C
Dragon Evolution Form III187.20C
Dragon Evolution Form IV4.00NV
Dragon Evolution Form V80NV
Cybernetic Electro Master400NV
Cybernetic Electro Legend48VIG
Shadow Chaos Assassin6.4CE
Shadow Chaos Legends240CJX
Infinity Sensei4.8TRV
Infinity Legend1.6QTU
Aether Genesis Master Ninja5.60SPZ
Master Legend Sensei Hunter24.0CJX
Skystorm Series Samurai Legend  40VNU
Master Elemental Hero5.60KVZ
Eclipse Series Soul Master32JZW
Starstrike Master Sensei40QZX
Evolved Series Master Ninja1.60HTZ
Dark Elements Guardian480.0RXV
Elite Scries Master Legend6.40XVC
Infinity Shadows Master240.0XVC
Lightning Storm Sensei 4.00ZOL
Dark Elements Blademaster240.0ZOL
Rising Shadow Eternal Ninja40.0LXS
Skyblade Ninja Master4.80YZXU
Shadow Storm Sensei3.20JXKZ
Comet Strike Lion6.40RTVX
Cybernetic Azure Sensei3.20ZHGX
Ultra Genesis Shadow6.4QZQZ
Warcraft Rumble Best Deck
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