Cyber Rebellion Tier List | Best Characters

Cyber Rebellion Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

Here in this article, we will make a tier list of all characters/Heroes from the Cyber Rebellion, which can help players choose the best one for themselves.

Cyber Rebellion, developed by NEOCRAFT LIMITED, presents a dynamic mobile gaming experience, challenging players with strategic decision-making and tactical precision. In this turn-based action RPG world, every choice holds significance, and each move contributes to the unfolding destiny of Skyfall City. As you immerse yourself in this unique journey, the game invites exploration of a narrative where the repercussions of decisions ripple through, creating a type of challenge.

Characters Tier List in Cyber Rebellion

TiersAll Characters/Heroes List
S TierSaki – Zangestu, Victor – Prosthetic Doctor, Rosa – Matrix Runner, Seer – Oracle, Noam – Ember in Ashes, Eric – Death Eye, Amy – Formy Sweet Dream, Taki – Seiryu, Catherin – Dirty Gold, Rik – Raiden, Rik – The New Order, Candido – Duke Silver, Candido – Burst Boxer
A TierSaki – Suzaku, Leyva – Neuromancer, Leyva – Starring Diva, Lindsay – Speed of Burn, Lindsay – Vermilion Dawn Frost – Vanguard, Frost – Omen, Pastoral – Data Hub, Pastoral – Hound of Doom
B TierRik – Gunblade, Rik – Skytroope, Candido – Iron Fist, Candido – Penalty Area King, Saki – Arashi Kiru, Saki – Sakuragari Leyva – Pixel Beats, Leyva – Zealody, Lindsay – Ambilight, Lindsay – Metal Panic!
C TierRik – Striker, Candido – Jab, Saki – Kitsunemen, Leyva – Enlightment, Lindsay – Graffiti, Frost – Ranger, Pastoral – Stinger, Frost – Fortress, Frost – Master Chief, Pastoral – Agents, Pastoral – Plague Huntress
D TierRik, Saki, Candido, Leyva, Lindsay, Frost, Pastoral

Best Characters in Cyber Rebellion

Saki – Zangestu

Saki Zangetsu brings the fury of the Whirlwind. Starting with Ult T1, Saki deals 613.0% ATK in three hits and 4582 bonus damage to a single enemy. If the target’s HP is below 25%, the Slay effect triggers. For those immune to Slay, an additional 40% damage inflicts. Advancing to Ult T2, Saki’s Single-target DMG Follow-up Attack hits hard, dealing 843.0% ATK in six hits plus 6320 extra damage. Slay activates if the target’s HP is below 30%, and immune targets suffer an extra 40% damage. At Ult T3, the Whirlwind peaks with 908.0% ATK in six hits and 6794 bonus damage. Slay triggers below 30% HP, and immune targets face an extra 60% damage.

If the target falls and the enemy team has at least 7 Broken Armor stacks, a follow-up R3 Ult targets the enemy with the lowest HP ratio. So, the Saki Zangetsu can be the best character for your team comp in Cyber Rebellion.

Candido – Burst Boxer

Candido Burst Boxer showcases his power as the Force Breaker. With Ult T1, he deals 304.0% ATK plus 2291 extra damage to all enemies. Against shielded foes, the damage increases by 40%, and breaking their shields guarantees a Stun. When all enemies have shields, an extra 35% damage is inflicted. Moving to Ult T2, Candido’s Group DMG Shield Breaker Stun hits with 418.0% ATK and 3081 bonus damage to all enemies. The damage spikes by 50% against shielded targets, and shield breaks ensure a 100% Stun chance.

When all enemies are in the shield, the damage increases by 35%. In the pinnacle Ult T3, Candido unleashes an even stronger assault, dealing 532.0% ATK with 3950 bonus damage to all enemies. His attack gains a CRIT DMG bonus of +40%, and an extra 50% damage is inflicted against shielded targets. Breaking enemy shields still guarantees a 100% Stun chance, and against an entirely shielded enemy force, an additional 50% damage is dealt. 

Rik – The New Order

Rik The New Order, who stands as the master of High Voltage, is also the best hero to play in Cyber Rebellion. At Ult T1, he deals 238.0% ATK with four hits, escalating damage by 15% for each Electrified stack on the target. The attack triggers Electrified on the enemy with the highest stacks. Advancing to Ult T2, Rik surges with power, hitting 322.0% ATK with an 18% damage increase per Electrified stack. The attack concludes by triggering Electrified on the highest-stacked enemy. In Ult T3, Rik unleashes a cataclysmic surge, dealing 345.0% ATK plus 2607 bonus damage. Extra damage is inflicted for each stack on the target and the enemy field.

Catherin – Dirty Gold

Catherine Dirty Gold wields the power of the Invisible Hand. At Ult T1, she targets a single enemy, dealing 4.8% max HP with four hits and 553 damage. Establishing a 100% Link, the target takes +50% damage from teammates for 2 turns, unable to recover energy. Advancing to Ult T2, Catherine tightens her grip, dealing 4.7% max HP and 553 damage. The 100% Link persists, but teammate damage reduces to +30% for 2 turns, with energy recovery restrictions. At Ult T3, Catherine executes a devastating attack, inflicting 4.9% of her own max HP and 553 damage. The Deal effect endures, causing the target to deal +50% damage to teammates for 2 turns. When the target attacks a teammate, the highest ATK teammate retaliates with a normal attack. Energy recovery for the Deal target remains suppressed.

In conclusion, the Cyber Rebellion game has many characters, and I hope this tier list will give you some idea about hero selection to build a suitable team.

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