Characters Tier List Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom

Characters Tier List Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom

This article will make a tier list of all the characters/heroes of Knightcore Sword Of Kingdom (KSOK), describing some of the best among them.

Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom is an immersive fantasy game that combines elements of real-time strategy, tower defense and RPG. In this game, players can take on the role of a Lord and heroes. Players can build and upgrade towers to help defend their bases. They can also customize their heroes, level up their skills and collect gears. This game features detailed characters and environment. An additional feature of this game is a dynamic soundtrack that changes depending on the action on the battlefield.

Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom Characters Tier List

TiersAll Characters/Heroes List
S TierMarcus, Shark, Raici, Pearl, Morgause, Great Elder
A TierShiva, Carlton, Aoi (Full Moon), Queen Pella, Gawain, Geraint, Klaire (Halloween), Lancelot, Arthur
B TierKorin, Rin, Kai Berret, Uluru King, Charlotte, Ganis, Parfait
C TierKurin, Van, Alfie , Bedivere
D TierAlys, Moni, Avalon

Best Characters in Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom


With its large size, Morgause can wield it with power and precision. It comes with four unique skills that enhance Morgause’s combat abilities. The first skill is Axe Chop, the second skill is Electro Shield, the third skill is Parry Current, and the fourth skill is Fearless Steel.


The shark belongs to the AGI category and is of medium size. It boasts four unique skills that make it formidable in battle. These skills include Heavy Cleave, Shark Cleave, Buddies, and Sea King’s Physique. With these skills at their disposal, it is sure to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


It is a MAG type which possesses four unique skills: Spirit Burst, Spirit Flow, Cleansing Dew, and Soul Garden. These unique skills make this character a formidable and versatile entity in its own right.


Pearl hero is ideal for disabling multiple enemies by immobilizing them and inflicting dizziness. It also deals consistent damage with a triple attack to enemies within range. It possesses four skills: Sword Aura, Piercing Bow, Anemo Arrow, and Light Knight.

Great Elder

The Knight Core Sword of Kingdom’s Great Elder is the best Hero who excels in dealing massive damage to enemies. With high Power and Health stats, as well as the Holy Power skill, this Hero is a reliable choice for increasing your chances of winning battles. Additionally, the Elder Smash and Charging Body skills make this Hero even more formidable on the battlefield. Overall, the Great Elder is an excellent addition to any team looking to dominate their opponents.

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