Warcraft Rumble All Units Tier List

Warcraft Rumble All Units Tier List

This article will make a tier list of all Units (ALLIANCE, HORDE, BEAST, BLACKROCK & UNDEAD) in the Warcraft Rumble game.

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile game that combines action and strategy, taking place in the immersive Warcraft universe. In this game, players witness the transformation of collectable Minis into animated characters, engaging in intense melee skirmishes. By collecting and enhancing legendary heroes, notorious villains, and loyal minions from the Warcraft series, players can construct formidable armies and engage in chaotic real-time battles against adversaries. The game offers a diverse range of PvE and PvP content, encompassing a single-player campaign, engaging in intense PvP battles, and more. Additionally, players can join guilds, fostering collaboration with fellow players, earning rewards, and participating in guild wars.

Units Tier List Warcraft Rumble

S TierTirion, Fordring, Arcane, Blast, HuntressStonehoof, Tauren,
Grommash, Hellscream
Rend Blackhand,
Bloodmage, Thalnos, Baron, Rivendare
A TierDefies Bandits, Mountaineer, Harvest Golem,
Bat rider, Frostwolf shaman, sapper, execute,
Prowler, Raptors,
Flamewaker, fire hammer,, Earth elementalMeat Wagon, party, Abomination,
B Tier Gryphon rider, holy Nova, BlizzardChain lightning, Ogre mage, Darkspear trollMurloc tidehunters,gnoll brute, spiderlingsDark iron miner, core hounds, living bombGargoyle, Cheat death,
C TierFootmenWarsong raider, Warsong gruntsVulturesMolten giantGhoul, skeletons

Best units in Warcraft Rumble

1. Tirion Fordring (Best Alliance Unit)

Tirion Fordring is the most versatile Alliance unit in Warcraft Rumble, with the ability to fulfil multiple roles on the battlefield. His well-rounded stats make him a top-tier choice for strategic applications. Tirion Fordring excels due to his ability to combine offensive and defensive attributes. His exceptional durability allows him to withstand substantial damage, making him an impressive tank.

2. Stonehoof Tauren (Best Horde Unit)

The Stonehoof Tauren is a top-tier Horde unit in the game, renowned for its exceptional battlefield prowess. Its ability to charge into enemies provides a decisive advantage, leading to impactful encounters and turning the tide in battles.

3. Hogger (Best Beast Unit)

Playing as Hogger can be a thrilling experience with his scaling abilities. However, for beginners, using a low-cost unit strategy and cycling back to him can be complex. It requires precise timing and careful unit management, which may be challenging for those new to the game.

4. Rend Blackhand (Best Blackrock Unit)

Rend Blackhand is an excellent choice for new players due to his ability to reduce the cost of flying soldiers. It is especially advantageous for players who rely on low-cost units in their initial decks. However, his performance may be less effective against non-flying enemy forces. Nonetheless, Rend Blackhand is the best first selection for players who want to start with flying unit strategies.

5. Bloodmage Thalnos (Best Undead Unit)

Bloodmage Thalnos is a spell-focused leader with powerful ranged attacks and AoE abilities, making him a solid choice for starter players who want to experiment with spell-based strategies. However, his ability to level up by playing spells may require time to gather a suitable collection of spells for maximum effectiveness, and some spells can be cost-prohibitive early in the game.

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