SoulArk Teleport Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

SoulArk Teleport Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

This article will make a tier list of all characters/heroes of SoulArk: Teleport game, and will describe some of the best among them.

SoulArk Teleport is a real-time strategy game that has a Special teleporting feature. In this game, players can control a group of SoulArk pilots and their powerful SoulArks, which have the ability to teleport across the battlefield. To defeat their enemies, players must utilize the unique skills and teleportation mechanic of their SoulArks. They can also engage in online matches with other players, forming teams to tackle challenging missions.

The game includes various modes such as Campaign, PvP, and Co-Op, providing different challenges and opportunities for players to engage in.With its fast-paced and strategic gameplay, SoulArk: Teleport is both easy to learn and difficult to master. Although there are over fifty characters in the game, only a few of them possess the strength required for combat.

Tier List SoulArk: Teleport

TiersAll Characters List
S TierPai , Raina , Ava, Wen, Mai, Ashe, Lyssa, Mamba, Amara
A TierPrincess Freya, Zhun, Azura, Seo, Faye, Alexandria, Iris, Astrid, Pilgrim, Sonya, Seo
B TierScarlet, Eve, Lei, Beck, Vanessa, Teresa, Celestie, Nikita, Djon
C TierMuzha , Jasmine, Duran, Leona, Aideen
D TierJasmine , Curie Stella , Ruby

Best 5 Characters in SoulArk Teleport


Ashe is a formidable hero in SoulArk, boasting impressive offensive stats and decent speed. Her passive skill allows her to ignore deflections and regain HP after defeating the first enemy in battle. You can use her in many of team compositions and strategies, and she is always a valuable asset to any team.


Lyssa is a skilled healer who excels in passive regeneration.
It allows her to keep her entire team topped up with HP without spending too much time healing them. She is especially useful in wave battles, but she can also be used in other types of content.


Mai is a powerful and versatile character in SoulArk whom you can use in the different team comps and strategies. Her passive ability, Evasion, allows her to evade attacks with a certain chance. It makes her very difficult to kill and allows her to survive in dangerous situations.


Ava is also a great support character. Her passive ability makes her very mobile and allows her to reposition herself around the battlefield. It is very useful for escaping from danger or flanking enemies.


Mamba is another incredibly versatile and strong support hero, capable of inflicting poison on enemies, enhancing her allies based on the poison level, dealing extra damage to poisoned foes, and reducing the duration of enemy buffs. Her diverse abilities make her an invaluable addition to any team.

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