Gundam UC Engage All Characters Tier List

Gundam U.C. Engage All Characters Tier List

In this article, we will make a Tier List of all the characters available in Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage so players can choose the best one for the battle.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGE is an epic war and strategy battle game set in the UNIVERSAL CENTURY, unifying iconic Gundam heroes within a mobile gaming experience. It seamlessly blends rich animation with thrilling battle and adventure elements, which offers players the chance to immerse themselves in the captivating universe of Gundam while embarking on a fresh and enthralling storyline.

Characters Tier List in Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage

TiersAll Characters/Heroes List
S TierMashymre Cello, Io Fleming, Riddhe Marcenas, Banagher Links, Chloe Croce, Kamille Bidan, Uso Ewin, Amuro Ray
A TierJona Basta, Shiro Amada, Daryl Lorenz, Aina Sakhalin, Kou Uraki, Roux Louka, Dorel Ronah, Char Aznable
B TierTerry Sanders Jr., Mash, Oliver Inoe, Ramba Ral, Glemy Toto, Gaia, Emma Sheen, Karen Joshua, Chara Soon, Quattro Bajeena, Mashymre Cello, Gyunei Guss, Amuro Ray, Loni Garvey
C TierSouth Burning, Cima Garahau, Hayato Kobayashi, Dozle Zabi, Annamarie Bourget, Zabine Chareux, Bernard Wiseman, Ortega, Jean Luc Duvall, Elle Vianno
D Tier Gilboa Sant, Fa Yuiry, Sarah Zabiarov, Junko Jenko, Lila Milla Rira, Gaia, Franklin Bidan, Ramba Ral, Gene, Kacricon Cacooler, Yazan Gable
E TierMouar Pharaoh, Akahana, Yonem Kirks, Bright Noa, Ryu Jose, Kai Shiden Hayato Kobayashi, Neuen Bitter, Rezin Schnyder, Denim, Mikhail Kaminsky, Kayra Su, Mash, Arbeo Pippiniden, Ortega, Garma Zabi, Reccoa Londe

Mashymre Cello

Mashymre Cello is a formidable character with impressive stats, including CP, reaction, and resistance. His exceptional senses, both ranged and melee, are at 117. In Red mobile suits, his ranged sense gets a 64% boost at the battle’s start. Moreover, Mashymre shines in specific mobile suit categories. Green Mobile Suit units grant him a 7% resistance increase (stackable up to 5 times). High Firepower units give him a 38% boost in the ranged sense, while First Neo Zeon War units enhance his accuracy by 10%. The commander and Neo Zeon-Affiliated units grant him 10% accuracy and a 13% increase in ex-damage. Mashymre’s adaptability and proficiency make him a versatile and best pilot in Gundam U.C. Engage.

Io Fleming

Io Fleming is a standout hero known for his impressive CP, reaction, and resistance stats. With CP 66,515 and a remarkable reaction score of 132, he’s quick and resilient. Both his ranged and melee senses are strong at 117, making him versatile in combat. Io’s skills shine when he pilots Purple mobile suits, activating Skill 1 up to 5 times. In Protagonist Unit mobile suits, he starts with a 10% accuracy boost, ensuring precise shots. When his HP drops to 60% or lower, his ranged sense surges by 61%, enhancing his precision.

Riddhe Marcenas

Riddhe Marcenas is a great hero in Gundam U.C. Engage and shows impressive stats, with a CP of 66,212, a reaction score of 117, and sturdy resistance at 141. His ranged and melee senses both registers at 117, underlining his versatility in battle. His skills shine when piloting specific mobile suits. In Red mobile suits, he accumulates a ranged sense boost upon dealing damage, stacking up to 10 times for 20 seconds. Skill 2 activates when he pilots Laplace Incident mobile suits, providing an accuracy boost at the start of battle. In High Mobility mobile suits, he also enjoys a 10% accuracy increase at the battle’s commencement.

Banagher Links

Banagher Links, a prominent character, excels with a reaction score of 133 and a resistance rating of 103, making him quick and resilient. His ranged sense reaches an impressive 130, while his melee sense is a respectable 106. Banagher’s skills come to life in specific mobile suits. In Green mobile suits, when he maintains 80% HP, his ranged sense enjoys a significant 73% boost. Skill 2 enhances his reaction by 17 in Protagonist Unit mobile suits. Additionally, when piloting Laplace Incident mobile suits, his crit rate increases by 13% at the battle’s start. In High Firepower mobile suits, his crit ATK also gains a 13% boost from the beginning. Furthermore, in Unicorn-Type mobile suits, critical hits trigger a 38% ranged sense boost, stackable up to 5 times, lasting 10 seconds.

Chloe Croce

Chloe Croce is one of the best characters in Gundam U.C. Engage, known for her formidable CP of 66,565 and a quick reaction score of 130, coupled with a sturdy resistance of 106. Her sensory skills are admirable, with a ranged sense of 125 and a melee sense of 113, highlighting her versatility. Chloe’s skills shine in Green mobile suits, where she starts with a significant 28% evasion boost that lasts for 30 seconds. Additionally, when piloting Limiter Override mobile suits, Chloe’s ranged sense enjoys an impressive 83% boost after successfully evading for 10 seconds.

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