How to get Artifacts in Genshin Impact to strengthen characters?

How to get Artifacts in Genshin Impact to strengthen characters?

Artifacts are items in Genshin Impact that can be given to hold or equipped by characters with specific sets to increase their stats of attack, defense, elemental damage, and many others. Artifacts are the source to boost damage for your character in the game.

There are four types of artifacts in the game with four different types of rarity common, blue, purple, and gold. The higher the rarity of the artifact, the more value they have in the game for building your character efficiently.

Not only does having higher rarity artifacts can give you damage, but the very character also tends to use a specific type of artifact set as per their talents, skill, and elemental damage. Not only the set, but you should also aim for better sub-stats in the artifact specifically, crit damage, crit rate, elementary mastery, etc.

Particular Artifact sets in Genshin

GI Artifacts have their own particular sets. When you combine two or four artifact pieces, you will gain a set bonus from the set-piece, which helps in many forms like attack bonus, healing bonus, elemental burst damage, energy recharge, and many more.

For example, the emblem of severed fate gives 20% more energy recharge, in four-piece increases elemental burst damage by 25% of the energy recharge. And you can obtain a maximum of 75% damage bonus this way. So equipping characters with their suitable set can be best for more potential damage and usage of your unit.

There are many different artifacts set types in the game like:
(I) Crimson Witch Set,
(II) Thundering Fury Set,
(III) Gladiator set,
(IV) Maidens Beloved Set, and many more.

Each set is valuable to specific Genshin Impact characters. For example, the Crimson witch set is typically is best for pyro element users as this set provides the pyro damage bonus. Similarly, the Maiden beloved set is best for healers as it gives a healing bonus.

Most Efficient ways to get Artifacts in Genshin Impact

1. Kill more enemies in the Open world.

Sometimes in higher adventure rank, killing open world enemies can also help farming artifacts as in higher rank, there is the possibility of enemies dropping artifacts. You can find open-world enemies while exploring the map or checking the adventures handbook. Therefore, try to kill enemies as much you can to obtain free artifacts in Genshin.

2. Kill Bosses in the game.

Killing bosses in Genshin Impact gives Artifacts

You might feel hard to challenge the boss in Genshin Impact, but it is another best way of farming artifacts. Each boss, after you defeat, drops a set of artifacts, along with talent enhancement materials.

But bosses only spawn once a week in Genshin, and they are also much hard to defeat than open-world enemies. So your characters and team must be well leveled up and prepared to battle with boss enemies. Bosses typically drop gladiator and wanderers troupe sets.

3. Give your time in progressing your Adventure rank.

You can only get the higher rarity of artifacts if you level up your adventure rank in Genshin Impact. The preferred adventure rank for farming 5-star artifacts is after you reach AR45, and after that, there is a guarantee of getting a 5-star artifact clearing a domain. The more value they have in contributing to the character to perform well.

4. Spend Mora

The last choice to obtain artifacts is by buying them from shops, but it is typically not recommended as they cost Mora. You should use this method if only you have enough mora. Mora is much valuable currency that you should use in many other important aspects of the game. Another disadvantage is- The artifacts that you obtain from purchasing do not have much value as their rarity is common.

5. Clear Domains

Clear domain to farm artifacts in Genshin Impact

Another best way to get artifacts is to unlock and play the domains in GI. Each artifact domain allows you to collect many sets that you can use to build your characters. Artifacts are not like talent materials or ascension materials. You can farm for any set regularly as they do not consist of a specific farming day.

6. Other ways to farm Artifacts in Genshin

(I) You can easily obtain an artifact of lower rarity by opening chests found in the open world clearing domains. Domains contain guaranteed artifacts of a different rarity in them.

(II) You can also farm artifacts in Genshin Impact by searching boxes, pots, and others found in the open world. They contain some artifacts in them, which you can make a farming routine regularly to never run out of artifacts to enhance them.

In conclusion, these are the best ways by which you can easily farm artifacts in GI. In fact, Understanding how the artifact system works in Genshin Impact is a bit difficult, but with time, you will be progressing in the game. Now let’s continue our daily grind in the game, shall we?