Where to find more flare guns in Fortnite?

Fortnite Flare Gun

A fireball shooter flare gun deals 60 damage to players, and it scans nearby enemy players in the Fortnite battleground. It can spread fire if you shoot in grassland or buildings. You might know many more things about Fortnite flare guns, so let’s talk about the best spots to find them with a high chance.

5 Best Fortnite locations to find Flare guns:

1. Logjam Lumberyard

So this location lies in the snow part of the map in chapter 3, season 2. (Left Top corner part of the map). The Logjam Lumberyard is average for loot in tiros and squads but best for solo and duo.

If you search 5 to 6 vaults, you can pick enough flare guns. You can get at least 2 flare guns here in Logjam Lumberyard, but you can find more than 5 if you search up all the chests in this location.

2. Titled Towers

The Tilted tower is a famous area lying in the middle part of the map and is very good for loot, especially when you’re landing with tiros or squads. It is a bit hard area to find a flare gun, but if you search up 3 to 5 chests, you can easily find one.

The tilted tower is best for loot, and you can find almost 4 to 8 Flare guns here in total. But be careful because it is the most popular location where more than 20 players land for the battle.

3. Rocky Reels

This location lies in the desert part of the map. Rocky Reels has a small area, and this place is not much suitable for loot, but you can find flare guns randomly spawning in the ground.

Rocky Reels is the best place to find flare guns in Fortnite easily and fastly as it has a narrow area. You can get up to 6 flare guns if you search all locations carefully.

But, I suggest not to play tiros or squad in Rocky Reels because you’ll struggle to get loot for survival.

4. Greasy Grove

The Greasy Grove lies in the left lower part of the map. This location is good for loot, and you can get flare guns here.

If you search 2-3 chests in Fortnite Greasy Grove, you can easily get one flare gun here, and if you search all spots, you can get more than six guns.

5. The daily Bugle

This location is like a small town full of loot materials. You can get flare guns here, like a city inside a volcano, or you can call it just a volcano.

If you search all the areas inside daily bugle in Fortnite, you can get more than 10 flare guns here, but sometimes you only get 5 to 8.