Best Horror Skins in Fortnite you might want to get

Best Horror Skins in Fortnite you might want to get

There are many types of skins in Fortnite, like celebrities, superheroes, horror, etc. Horror skins are the most demanding cosmetics. Some spooky skins are based on horror movies, and other are the innovation of the game. Some of the most popular and spookiest skins are below in this list:

1. Big Mouth

Horror skin in Fortnite: Big mouth

Big Mouth is quite horrific skin in Fortnite with massive sharp teeth, a long tongue, and no eyes and noses. Look, the Mouth takes up the whole skin. Personally, from my own experience, I have not seen most Fortnite players wearing this skin in-game, so you can say it is a rare horror skin in the game.

2. Demogorgon

Demogorgon scary Skin

The Demogorgon is the spooky creature from Stranger Things which has been introduced to Fortnite too. This skin is pretty similar to Big Mouth but might be a scarier version of it. This skin is more used compared to Big Mouth.

3. Sinister Glare

Sinister glare skin

Sinister Glare is the latest horror skin in Fortnite compared to the other skins in this list. The Sinister Glare’s appearance is pretty weird. Its face is a hand with a weird-looking eye. That combination is quite scary. The body structure is also quite unusual, with wired color with a cloak.

4. Undying Sorrow

Undying sorrow fortnite skin

If you compare all the scary skins in Fortnite, you will find Undying Sorrow the scariest one. It has spooky black eyes with nothing but red dots. This skin also has a third eye on its forehead, making it more haunted than without the third eye. It also has claws and type of chains on its hand that might indicate it is possessed. In addition, With its sharp horns, any person would get scared of this skin.

5. The Batman Who Laughs

Scariest skin in Fortnite: Batman who laughs

The who laughs Fortnite skin is inspired by the movies and comics of Batman. This skin has sharp claws and chains all around its body. It has a helmet with Kinfe-like sharp objects. The Batman Who laugh is So, This cosmetics is a terror version and dark side of Batman. Overall, this is a pretty loved skin in Fortnite Battle Royale during Halloween.

So, if you have any of the mentioned terrifying skins in Fortnite, you can use them in the battleground, and during the Halloween season, these skins will increase your value.