Best Landing Places on Fortnite- Top 5 Spots

Best Landing Places on Fortnite- Top 5 Spots

Fortnite is a game with a unique map, and sometimes it features weird places like Tuesday Taco Greasy groves, No Build Titled towers while other times collaborates with someone through the map. But even though it is small compared to other games, Fortnite has many spots to land, among them, Some good and some bad. However, here, we will see the best places for landing in Fortnite to get more loots and supplies.

Top 5 Best Landing Places in Fortnite

1. Tilted Towers

Oh, Tilted Towers is a fan-favorite location in Fortnite that attracts many players, and rightly so because it has so much loot. It came again in Chapter 3 Season 1, and it still has mass players coming to it like the good old days.

It is one of the best loot spots in Fortnite, and if you are not looking to fight in the early game, you can land on the other places.

2. Vault near Logjam Lumberyard

Most players might not know about this place. The vault near Logjam Lumberyard is Great because you will get enough loot, and only a few players land here.

When you land, make sure you loot the places above. If you are playing duos or squads, tell your friend to stand in front of the Vault Door Lock.

But if you are playing Solos, then eliminate one of the many Seven Sentry AI’s, and after that, you can carry their body and go in front of the Vault Lock and take all the loot for yourself.

3. Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle Fortnite

Daily Bugle is an area inside the Volcano, and it is best for looting but again is contested by many Fortnite players.

It has spider webs all along with the place, and you can jump off them and have fun. Like Tilted Towers, this place is also one of the best landing places to get loot items in Fortnite. It has zip lines all over it and has the best transportation.

4. Pawntoon (The Boat)

Fortnite Landing Place: Pawntoon (The Boat)

The Boat originally appeared in Chapter 2-Season 3 and is back again. It is one of the secret locations in Fortnite, so you might not find it, but if you do find it, you should land there to get good loot\supplies.

It has good loot and should be uncontested for the most part. But, If you don’t get it while gliding, you could land places near the water and hope to find it wandering off in the distance.

5. Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound: Best landing spot in Fortnite

Sleepy Sound is a vast area with lots of houses and loot. There are many houses where you will find all the necessary supplies.

There is also a Gas Station and a small lake. This place is quite similar to Pleasant park if you remind.

Those are the best landing spots in Fortnite, according to my experience. You can decide where you will drop, but you’ll get good loot wherever you drop. You can land according to the Storm or if you want early game fights or not.