Best counters for Outworld Devourer in Dota 2

Best counters for Outworld Devourer in Dota 2

There are some best counters for Outworld Devourer in Dota 2, and if you don’t know which they are, read this article.

Who is the outworld devourer?

Outworld Devourer, better known as OD is an intelligence-based ranged hero in Dota 2 that Players commonly pick as a midlaner. OD is a hero that becomes stronger when his primary attribute and mana pool increases.

His ability (Arcane orb) adds extra damage to his attacks. His ultimate (Sanity’s eclipse) bursts out damage according to the mana difference between him and his enemy.

He also possesses an ability (astral imprisonment) that allows him to lock up an enemy or ally heroes for a short time. His passive ability (Essence flux) gives him a chance to restore mana every time he casts a spell.

Due to such abilities that Outworld devourer possess, he is a hyper carry that can roam around and instantly kill heroes after getting some early levels.

5 Best counters for Outworld Devourer in Dota 2

Outworld devourer is weak against heroes or items that can stun, silence, or lock him up. When he cannot use his abilities, he is weak, and the enemy can kill him quickly. So, If you ask what counters Outworld Devourer in Dota 2, then here is a list of best counter picks for this hero:

1. Nyx assassin

Nyx assassin In Dota 2: Best counter for Outworld Devourer

Nyx Assassin is a perfect Outworld devourer counter as he can burn Outworld’s mana and stun him. His ability (spiked carapace) can also kill outworld devourers if timed perfectly.

Also, Nyx does a lot of damage with his ultimate (vendetta), which also grants him Invisibility Power to sneak up on OD. He can also build items such as orchid malevolence that can silence Outworld devourer.

2. Silencer

Silencer Dota 2

Silencer can mute Outworld devourer’s abilities using last word and his ultimate global silence. Also, he can reduce his damage output with his intelligence steal.

Silencer can also build an orchid malevolence that can silence him or scythe of vise that will hex him. The silencer is a good counter until Outworld devourer Builds a black king bar.

3. Legion commander

Legion Commander Dota 2

Legion commander is another best counter for OD as he can lock him with his ultimate and disable his abilities in Dota 2 battle. he deals a heavy amount of physical damage, and Outworld devourer cannot take much physical damage.

Also, the Common item builds for the legion commander is a blink dagger, blade mail, and a black king bar, and these items are good against Dota 2 Outworld Devourer hero.

4. Doom

Dota 2: Doom

Doom disables Outworld devourer with his ultimate(Doom). When OD is doomed, he cannot use any abilities and items that prevent him from using the Black king bar, which makes him very easy to kill. Also, Doom can build a heaven’s halberd that can disarm Outworld devourer.

5. Life stealer

Life stealer Dota 2

Life stealer’s first ability (rage) gives him spell immunity which means OD cannot use his spell against life stealer. He also does heavy physical damage that can Easily kill Outworld Devourer in Dota 2 matches. Life stealer can also disable Outworld devourer by buying items like heaven’s halberd and Abyssal blade that can stun him.