How to counter Terrorblade in Dota 2 easily?

How to counter Terrorblade in Dota 2 easily?

Who is Terrorblade?

Terrorblade is a melee agility hero in Dota 2 who becomes a very powerful carry in the late game, but you can counter him with some idea. He has the highest armor at the start of the game but has low health.

Tanky items make the terrorblade take damage and survive from enemies in the battle. He is an illusion-based hero. Also, he can create illusions to attack the enemies.

Furthermore, he can create up to 2 illusions and transform into a ranged hero to deal bonus damage with more range. He can swap health with a targeted hero and makes it risky to gank him.

Terrrorblade in Dota 2

Terrorblade is played as a hard carry in Dota 2 because he is one of the strongest heroes in the late stage of the game. He can cut lanes and split push easily.

So, if you face a Terrorblade as your enemy, you can apply the following tips to counter him and shut him down.

How to counter Terrorblade in Dota 2

1) Stop his farm in the early game

Terrorblade is a late-game carry hero. That means he needs a lot of farms to do something in the game. So you should rally your team and invade the jungles of Terrorblade to kill him easily.

Do not let him farm freely. Pressure him in the early stages of the game. He has a weak laning phase so try to abuse that as much as possible.

2) Chain-stun him

Terrorblade is so dangerous because of his ultimate to swap health. So, try to make sure he will not use his Ultimate in a team fight or while ganking.

To do that, try to chain-stun him with your allies. Chain-stun means stun him turn by turn for not letting him move and use his skills. While he is stunned, your team can defeat the terrorblade and shut him down.

3) Blow him up with magical spells

If you fail to stop terrorblade ultimate using chain stuns, try to kill him with magic in Dota 2 battle.

He is not good enough against magical bursts because he has low health and magical defense. So, burst him down before he can do anything in a fight.

4) Pick counter heroes

Some heroes are natural counter for Terroblade. This hero only has physical damage, so he has a hard time against tanky heroes. Timbersaw can beat him easily because his skills counter Terrorblade in all the match stages.

Legion commanders can deal with illusion-based heroes like terrorblade quite fairly too. Other heroes like an ax, Zeus, Tinker are the best counter heroes for Terrorblade in Dota 2.

5) Try to counter him with Items

As we know that Terrorblade is weak against magic damage, items like Mjollnir, Ethereal Blade, and Dagon are best against him.

These items can easily burst down Terrorblade without giving him any chance to do anything on the battlefield.

Also, you can kill Terrorblade before he can deal any damage. Crimson Guard is also great to counter him. The illusion of Terrorblade will have low damage when the guard of this item is active.

In conclusion

Terrorblade is a great hero to play and to carry the team. However, he relies heavily on his team to survive early games for late carry. So, if you don’t like going against him, you can certainly ban him. You can also practice countering him in a casual lobby.