Which are the Hardest heroes to master in Dota 2?

Which are the Hardest heroes to master in Dota 2?

Every hero has different sets of skills and abilities and mechanics. It makes sense that some heroes in Dota 2 are Hardest to play and master than others. So In this article, I will list out the 4 heroes that require more effort to master for gaining control over their skills.

Top 4 heroes that are Hardest to master in Dota 2

1. Invoker

Every player who has played the game has probably tried to play Invoker. He is an interesting hero with 14 abilities at his disposal. Three of them are his bases of power, and combined with his ultimate, Invoker can create 10 different abilities which enable him to dominate the match.

But the fact is Invoker is a hero who is very difficult to master because you have remembered all the combinations for the skills you want.

He is very versatile as he can be a carry,ganker, pusher, initiator, and support. You will not find any other hero quite like him. Even invoker spammers have a hard time using him, but still, he is very popular.

Undoubtedly, he is Popular because of his skills that can be used for combo wombos and who doesn’t like a combo wombo. In Dota 2, he is Hard to master hero, but if you put in time and dedication, he is a very rewarding one. Plus, Invoker is considered the swaggiest hero in the Moba gaming platform by many.

2. Meepo

Meepo Hero: Hardest to master in Dota 2

Considered one of the Hardest heroes in Dota 2 to play and master, Meepo is a hero who needs a lot of micromanagement and positioning skills to be of use in the game. Meepo is hard to play because of his clones, ofc he needs a lot of farms, but his clones have that one covered if you can control them efficiently.

However, the problem with Meepo is- even if one of his clones dies, all the others die too. And it is hard to avoid while overseeing a lot of other aspects of the game.

So, you have to control each clone to survive them and be of use on the Dota 2 battlefield. It is honestly a very taxing thing. The micromanagement skills that you need with this hero are astounding.

3. Chen

Chen Hero in Dota 2

Chen is another hero who heavily depends upon micromanagement. He can take control of creeps and make them do his bidding. Hero Chen requires Good map awareness and mechanics, and this ability makes him one of the strongest pusher heroes in Dota 2. The reason for this is the creeps he controls.

Everyone knows- how strong the creeps are in the early stages of the Dota 2 battle. However, he can have a great map presence with his creeps if you can play him well. If you are into puppet things, this hero is the one for you.

4. Earth Spirit

Earth spirit

This hero is one of the newer addition to the game and is also one of the Hardest to master. He has complicated skills which need a precise sense of timing, positioning, and mechanics to use. He uses stones remnants which he needs for all his skills.

Earth Spirit hero depends on it to stun, slow, and annoy the enemy. It is his source of damage and the skill for him. If he misplaces this skill, he only becomes a burden for the team.

So, the hero he very strong and can be a main deciding factor in the game it all depends upon his perfect placement of the stone remnants.

It requires this hero to be highly active around the map and needs a lot of practice for placing his skills to be beneficial in a match, so he is Very Hard to master.

In conclusion

And this concludes my list of most Difficult heroes to play and master in Dota 2, but with more practice and dedication, you can make them your Easiest hero of 2022.

Of course, you may have different experiences and opinions, but during my years of playing Dota 2, I found these heroes the hardest to play. Despite being hard to play, these heroes are certainly rewarding once you learn them.