Best Crowd Control heroes in MLBB for 2023

Best Crowd Control heroes in MLBB

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a 5v5 MOBA game, where teamwork is a compulsory element to victory. Crowd Control(CC) is a term in MLBB that means heroes controlling the opponent. It is a skill type that disables multiple enemies from controlling themselves, and victory is always easy if you can control the enemy. So, I have collected the 5 best heroes with super CC ability in Mobile Legends, and you can pick them in 2023 to dominate the battle.

Top 5 best Crowd Control heroes in MLBB

1. Tigreal Hero

Tigreal CC skill in MLBB

Tigreal is one of the tank heroes you get for free at the start of the game- he is easy to use and Extremely tanky. One of the best features of Tigreal hero is his CC ability.

His second skill is a dash that pushes any enemy away with him, and then the second phase is used to knock them up into the air. His ultimate is pulling enemies around a radius and stunning them.

Using the combo of second and ultimate skill, Tigreal will disable the enemies from doing anything for quite a while in the battle. In the meantime, your teammates can finish them off. That is why Tigreal is one of the top Crowd Control heroes in Mobile legends.

2. Ruby Hero

Ruby hero crowd controlling in Mobile legends Battle

Ruby is a little girl with a red riding hood holding a giant scythe. She is a fighter who can also play as a roamer and has good durability. Ruby is also known as the queen of life steal. She swings her scythe around, stunning everyone in the radius.

Her ultimate skill pulls/hook enemies with her scythe from a certain distance in a coned shape. Ruby also has a high physical life steal, so she is very durable on the battlefield.

Because her two skills cause CC, it is very hard for enemies during team fights in MLBB. Ruby is Especially best against enemies like Argus, Tigreal, and other Marksmen in Mobile legends.

3. Khufra Hero

Khufra gameplay screenshot

Khufra is one of the most super Crowd controlling heroes in MLBB who can become annoying for other opponent heroes. He also has 2 CC skills.

One is his first skill where he leaps a long-distance and smacks the enemy making them airborne for a while. His ultimate is to push them in a particular direction.

If he pushes you to a wall, then you will be stunned for a while. If you combo his first skill with the ultimate, the enemies won’t be able to do anything for a while.

Aside from the Crowd control skills, Khufra also prevents enemies from dashing through him, and this power makes him an even more pain for dashing heroes in MLBB. Enemies dashing through him will also get airborne for a while.

4. Luo Yi Hero

Luo Yi crowd controlling in Mobile legends

Luo Yi is a mage who is Extremely annoying to all the heroes due to her Ying yang ability. Her skills aren’t exactly CC type, but her Ability does the trick. To trigger this, you have to hit the enemy with 2 different skills when they are different in color.

If you use the first skill, then the second skill, the enemy will move towards the center of the second skill. You can continuously spam her skills in the MLBB battle for controlling the enemy like this. You can cancel enemy ultimates and dashes with this too.

5. Valir Hero

Valir Hero crowd controlling in MLBB

Valir is another hero who beat tanks and Marksmen and is very strong in the early game. His passive and second skill is the CC he has. His second skill allows him to push the enemy in a specific direction which cancels their dash or any skill the enemy use.

When hitting an enemy with a skill 3 times or the fire above their head becomes 3 the enemy will be stunned. You can stun multiple for a while if you hit your combos correctly.

If someone tries to dash you, you can easily push him away, denying his plan. So, this is why Valir is on the list of best Crowd Control(CC) heroes of Mobile legends(MLBB).