Eudora Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

Eudora Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

This guide will focus on the best items, emblems, spells and a combo of Eudora to build her a savage mage in Mobile Legends(Mlbb), including her counters, weakness and skin. 

Eudora is an assassin mage hero in MLBB who is known for doing tons of damage and one-shotting any squishy heroes. She is the most popular pick in the lower ranks as she is easy to use.

All her abilities are point-click, so she does not have to aim for them. Also, there is no chance of her missing any of her talents. When she manages to land all her abilities, then there are not any carriers that can survive her full burst. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-play mage as a beginner in Mobile Legends who can one-shot enemies, Eudora is the ideal hero.

Eudora Combo

Here is the best combo attack of Eudora in MLBB:

  • Second Ability+First Ability+Ultimate

Her combo always starts with her second ability, which allows you to use your other skills. Then you use your first ability, which does aoe damage and ultimate, which also deals area damage, allowing you to one-shot enemies in a group. So try your best to land your combo on more than two enemies for maximum use of the hero.

Eudora Spell

Flicker is by far the best spell for Eudora in MlBB as she can gap close and use her stun, which gives the enemies little to no time to react. The Flicker spell also allows Eudora to flee any dangerous situations. However, Sprint is Ideal Mlbb spell to build Eudora for the extra movement speed so you can approach your enemies or escape.

Eudora Items

Here is the best items build of Eudora in Mobile Legends:

  • Arcana Boots>Genius Wand>Divine glaive>Holy Crystal>Blood wings>Winter truncheon
Eudora BuildDescription

Arcana Boots
Arcane boots grant your movement speed and magic penetration, which makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Genius wand
The genius wand gives you magic power and movement speed, passively granting you extra magic penetration. Also, it allows you to reduce the magic defence of enemies, and it stacks every time you deal damage with abilities.

Divine glaive
Divine glaive is another Strong magic item of Eudora, as it grants you +35% magic penetration and tons of magical damage. Its passive also gives you extra magic penetration, which stacks and caps at 20% magic penetration, which is a lot.

Holy Crystal 
It boosts Eudora’s damage massively as its passive increases your total magic power by 35%, so this item is relevant to her build. Also, grants you +100 magic power.

Blood wings 
Blood wings grant you health and magic power, granting a shield equal to 200% of your magic power. It also gives you movement speed when the shield is activated. This item grants you the needed sustain and safety.

Winter truncheon
It is a good item for Eudora against assassins in MLBB as it provides you with magic power, physical defence and health. Its active is one of the most annoying abilities as it makes you immune to everything for 2 seconds while being unable to move or attack yourself. This item can come in handy if you are being targeted and focused on.

Eudora Emblem

This is the best Mobile Legends Emblem set for Eudora build as it provides you with +17 magic power,+13.5 magic pen,+2% movement speed,+5% magic life steal and +5% CD reduction.

Eudora Mobile legends emblem sets

Eudora Counters

The biggest weakness of Eudora is:- Unlike other mages, Eudora doesn’t have any mobility or dashes, which means she is very vulnerable to any assassins or heroes that can one-shot her. So there is no best way that she can escape if she mispositions. So make sure to look at your positioning always.

Eudora can counter MlBB heroes such as Khufra, Atlas, Pharsa, Vale and Changi. However, Eudora is weak against heroes such as Ling, Fanny, Hayabusa, Lancelot and Helcurt.

Eudora Skin

Mobile legends eudora skin

Emerald enchantress Eudora is the best skin by far, but it’s no longer available for purchase as it was only for a limited-time event.