Lxia Mobile Legends Build | Items, Emblems, Spell, Combo

Lxia Mobile Legends Build | Items, Emblems, Spell, Combo

This article will guide you with the Lxia best Build in Mobile Legends(MLBB), his items, emblem set, spell, combo and counter. So, let us continue.

Lxia is a Marksman Carry that functions as a finisher/damage nuke hero with a different playstyle from the traditional marksman in the game. She is relatively hard to play. Her type of playstyle won’t feel right playing on any other marksman as most of her damage relies on her abilities rather than purely attack speed which makes her take a little bit of practice to get the hang of, especially her passive and how it synergies with her other abilities. But don’t feel overwhelmed because just a few games with her will be enough to master her. So if you are looking for a Marksman who deals tons of damage from afar, Lxia is the marksman in MLBB.

Lxia Combo

First Ability+Second Ability+Ultimate

Start your combo by using your first ability, which slows enemies in an area and does damage. Follow it with your second ability, which will be easier to land. Then use your ultimate, which grants you a long range and tons of damage but makes you vulnerable. Only enter fights when the timing is right, and don’t be greedy for damage or kills.

Lxia Counters

Lxia has no dashes or mobility, so she is a very mobile marksman and vulnerable to being targeted and focused on by assassins. So positioning is significant for her, especially during her ultimate, which makes her unable to move. Another weakness of Lxia is her early game, as she is weak without at least 2-3 items, so make sure to farm up and get it.

Heroes that counter Lxia are Ling, Saber, Hayabusa, and Aldous; however, heroes like Miya, Karrie, Balmond, and Chou can kill her smoothly.


Flicker is the best spell to build Laxia a better Marksman in MLBB as it provides you with the much-needed dash that she can use to either gap close on enemies or escape sticky situations.

Her Items Build

Here is the set of Mobile Legends items which are suitable to build Lxia a high-damage-dealing marksman:

Corrosion scythe 
It is the perfect first item for the Lxia build, as it grants you attack speed, physical attack and movement speed. The passive of this item also slows enemies with every physical attack making it easier to land your abilities.

Swift boots
This boot grants you movement speed and attack speed.
laxia build item
Demon Hunter sword 
This item provides you with physical attack and attack speed. Its passive allows you to deal max current health damage, which makes it easier to deal with tanks.

Windtalker grants you attack speed and physical attack. Its passive allows you to hit up to three targets at once with your basic attack.

Malefic roar 
For armour penetration, the malefic roar is the perfect item as it grants you 20% of armor penetration, which stacks the more you are in combat and is capped at 40%.
laxia final build item mobile legends
Blade of despair 
Your final item will be a blade of despair, as it grants you the most physical damage possible. It also gives extra damage to targets below 50% health.

Her Best emblem

Lxia Emblem set mobile legends

Marksman is the best emblem set of Lxia as it grants you everything you need, like +9.6% attack speed,+3,67% adaptive attack and +3.4% life steal.