Alucard Mobile Legends Build Guide

Alucard Mobile Legends Build Guide

This article will guide you with the Alucard best Build in Mobile Legends(MLBB), his items, emblem set, spell, combo, counter and skin.

Alucard is a well-known MLBB hero who is often responsible for the off-lane or even jungle and functions as a fighter and assassin. This ability makes him a very versatile pick. He is popular among new players and in low ranks due to his insanely easy-to-play kit, which requires little skill to master while giving the player hard carry potential.

Alucard Combo 

  • Ultimate+First Ability+Second Ability+Ultimate

Start the combo attack of Alucard in Mlbb with his ultimate, as this gives you extra life steal, granting all your other abilities CD. Then, you use your first ability to dash towards the target and use your second ability to do aoe damage. Follow it by your ultimate again for the maximum amount of damage. This combo is pretty simple to perform as all his abilities do aoe damage, so it’s impossible to miss.

Alucard Spells

Alucard is relatively weak in the off-lane than the jungle, but if you wish to play him in the off-lane, Flicker is the best spell for him. Take retribution spell for jungling to farm as jungler more effectively.

Alucard Counters

Since in all of the Alucard kit, there’s no stun/CC, and all he provides for his team is damage. So if he is behind and lacks items, he will be completely useless. Therefore, make sure not to get behind and get fed enough to the point where you can one-shot at least one hero on the enemy team.

Heroes that counter AlucardHeroes that Alucard Counters
Since most of his damage comes from his basic attacks, he gets countered by heroes who he can’t attack with his basic attacks. Such heroes are aldous, Ling and Hayabusa. Also, the anti-heal heroes are also strong picks against Alucard in MLBB.Since Alucard has lots of lifesteal and sustains, any hero who does not have enough damage to kill him before he heals back is weak against him. Such heroes like xborg, bane get countered by Alucard.

Alucard Build

Here are the best items in Mobile Legends for Alucard lifesteal and full damage Build:

Endless battle 
It is the perfect first item for Alucard build in Mlbb as it provides you with a physical attack, extra health, lifesteal, movement speed and true damage.

Warrior boots 
This boot is perfect when facing heavy attack damage enemies for the extra armor and protection against physical attacks. 

War axe
Having this build item allows you to have more health and cooldown as well as extra damage, which stacks the longer Alucard is in combat.

Haa’s claws
Since Alucard’s whole kit revolves around his lifesteal. Having this item will grant you an extra +15% lifesteal whenever you are below 50% health.

Blade of despair 
This item is crucial on Alucard for the extra +160 physical damage. It doesn’t hurt the fact that it does more damage to low-enemy heroes.

Like other heroes, having immorality is a must, as in the late game, where every fight determines the winner of the game. Having one extra life might be the difference between winning or losing the game.

Alucard Emblem

Mobile legends alucard emblem

Going assassin emblem on Alucard is very recommended. It allows you to get the Max amount of physical attacks, physical pen, crict chance and movement speed. This emblem set gives you a +13.50 physical pen, +15 physical attack, +3.50% crict chance, +2% Movement speed, and +5% cooldown reduction.


Mobile legends alucard skin

Fiery Inferno is the best and iconic skin for Alucard. Almost all of the trick alucard players prefer having this skin over others. However, this skin is currently unavailable for purchase and was only available during Season 2