Esmeralda Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

Esmeralda Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best Esmeralda Build in Mobile Legends(MLBB), which includes her items, Emblems, Combo, Spell, Counters and Skin. 

Esmeralda is a tank/mage known for being very hard to kill and having the ability to steal the enemies’ shields in MLBB. She has shield more than her health amount while dealing tons and tons of damage and having low cooldown abilities, which she can spam continuously, making her a Menander to deal with if you do not have any counter for her.

Esmeralda is an offlane or jungle hero, and you can master her by playing just 3 games. Even though she is an easy hero to play, she is super strong and can hardly carry games if she has items. 

Due to these reasons, she is a very common pick in ranked games and tournaments where she is banned or first-picked. However, using her might be tempting if you want to win games. But do know that she is abit weak in the early stage and gets countered by almost every hero. She does barely any damage without any items, and the shield she gets is barely anything. So play the early stages super safe and just farm and get items for her. Esmeralda is one of those hyper-carry heroes who struggle to make a comeback in the game once she dies.

Esmeralda Combo

Here is the best combo of Esmeralda in MLBB:

  • Ultimate+Second Ability+First Ability

The Esmeralda combo is pretty straightforward. You always start with your ultimate, which lets you dash towards a selected destination. Then follow up with your second and first ability and spam your first ability, again and again.

Esmeralda items Build

Here is the best Mobile Legends build for Esmeralda to make her a savage tank in most situations:

Best Build of EsmeraldaDescription

Tough boots 
Rushing tough boots as your first item is a pretty good choice. It provides extra movement speed, and magic resistance reduces the duration of CC and slows it by 30%. This ability is enough against enemy comps with tons of CC and slows.

Enhanced Talisman
As mentioned above, Esmeralda struggles with mana, and this item helps her deal with her mana problems. With its passive, you regenerate 15% of your max mana every 10 seconds, which is a lot. This item also provides +50 magic power,+250 health and +20% cooldown reduction.

Dominance ice 
Another item that gives Esmeralda tons of mana is dominance ice, as you get 500 mana. Dominance ice is the best item for Esmeralda to build against heavy attack damage enemies. She gets +70 physical defense, reducing the attack speed of nearby enemies by 25%. Also, reduce the shield and health regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50%.

Since Esmeralda has tons of healing, Oracle increases her healing and health regen by 30% while giving you extra magic resistance and health. This item grants you +850 health,+42 magic resist and +10% cooldown reduction and is very good against magic damage.

Ice Queen wand 
Ice Queen Wand is also an ideal MLBB item on Esmeralda Build for more magic power, magic lifesteal, mana and movement speed. The unique passive of this item allows you to slow enemies by 15% for 3 seconds and stacks up to 2 times.

Blade armor 
Blade armor grants you physical defense, giving you a +20% crict reduction and reflects back any physical damage taken to the attacker, making this item very good against physical attack carry enemies.

Esmeralda Spell

Retribution is the best spell for Esmeralda in MLBB, as it allows her to jungle more effectively and get items without putting herself in much danger. However, If you are playing Esmeralda in the exp lane and the enemy team has lots of CC, you can build her with Purify spell.

Esmeralda Emblem Set

Esmeralda Emblem Set Mobile legends

Magic emblem spell in Mobile Legends grants +13.5 Magic Pen,+17 Magic Power, +5% CD reduction, +5% magic lifesteal, and +2% movement speed which all work well with Esmeralda build.

Esmeralda Counters

A weakness of Esmeralda is her mana problems which means she can continuously spam. So be mindful while spamming abilities and look at your mana bar because, without a man, she is pretty much useless.

One of Esmeralda’s weaknesses is getting CC but not doing anything, so any hero with reliable stuns can counter her. So Heroes like Akai and Atlas are strong against Esmeralda in Mobile Legends. 

Esmeralda can kill enemy heroes that depend mainly on their shields, so heroes like Angela and Adlous are weak against her.

Esmeralda Skin

Esmeralda Skin Mobile Legends

Light envoy Esmeralda is the best skin for Esmeralda due to all the new effects, animations, skill sound and voiceover. However, unfortunately, this skin is unavailable and was only for a limited time.