Alpha Build Mobile Legends (Mlbb)

Alpha Build Mobile Legends (Mlbb)

This article will guide you with the best Alpha Mobile Legends build, which includes his suitable items, emblem, spell, combo and counters.


Alpha is a strong and reliable fighter to play in the MLBB jungle or offlane. He has a lot of utility that he can provide for his teams, such as a dash, aoe damage, and crowd control stuns. He is also a very easy-to-use hero and requires not to have many skills to play.

Due to the above mention reasons- Alpha is a good late-game hero, no matter the meta. He is abit weak in the early game and needs one or two items to be best. But once he gets items, he’ll be almost unkillable in the late-game due to his insane life steal and sustain. He can even 1vs2 any heroes while taking down at least one hero with him. Alpha already has the best Lifesteal, and if you build him with proper items, he becomes a better jungler/offlaner.

Alpha Combo

  • Ultimate+First Ability+Second Ability

Start the combo of Alpha in MLBB with his ultimate, as this gives you a dash that allows you to dash into the enemies. After that, you use your first ability to slow the enemies so you can land your second ability with ease for the maximum amount of damage. This combo will not fail as he does aoe damage, and all of his skills do area damage. But, just be sure not to miss his ultimate, as, without it, you will lose a lot of damage.

Alpha Spells

Flicker is the best ideal spell for Alpha in MLBB, as this gives you an extra dash, and if you pair this with his ultimate, then it will give the enemy heroes almost no time to react. However, if you are going jungle Alpha, you should always build him with a Retribution spell.

Alpha Build

Here the table shows the best Mobile Legends items for Alpha best Build:

Bloodlust axe
Bloodlust axe is the perfect first item as it provides extra damage, cooldown, and spell vamp which allows Alpha to spam his abilities and get tons of healing. 

Warrior boots
It is a good choice of boots for him. It provides you with extra armor and sustains against physical damage heroes.

War Axe
This item gives you extra cooldown, health and damage, and it even stacks, allowing Alpha to do more damage the more he is in combat.

Blade of despair 
Having this MLBB item on Alpha Build allows you to easily one-shot squishy heroes without much difficulty and also deals more damage to low-health heroes.

Queens wings
This item gives you tons of health as well as spell vamp and damage reduction when you get below 50% health. 

This item is super crucial in late-game fights where every fight matters, and having one extra health might be the difference between winning or losing a game. 

Alpha Emblem set

Emblem set for alpha in Mobile Legneds

Since Alpha is a fighter hero going fighter emblem for him is the best choice. Add points in +3 Bavery,+3 Invasion, and +1 Festival of Blood. It will give you all the attributes that alpha needs like spell vamp, physical penetration etc.

Alpha Counters and Weakness

One of his weaknesses is early-game heroes who bully him in the lane and make him miss gold and exp. Also, another weakness of Alpha is anti-heal as most of his sustain and tankiness comes from his lifesteal. So if you have anti-heal, you will cut his tankiness down by a lot.

So, the heroes strong against Alpha are xborg, chou, and badang, whereas aldous and Argus are weak against him.


Alpha SKins Mobile Legends

General Void Alpha is the best skin for alpha by far. However, this skin is no longer available due to it being available for only a limited time event.