Gusion Build Mobile Legends(MLBB) Guide

Gusion Build Mobile Legends(MLBB) Guide

This article will cover the best Mobile Legends(MLBB) Gusion Build, his items, emblem set, combo, spells and skin.

Gusion is an assassin/mage in MLBB who is played jungle and is known for having flashy plays, tons of dashes and the ability to dash towards your backline and one-shot your carries.

He is hard to play and has a very high ceiling compared to other assassins who pretty much do the same thing as he does but are easier to play. However, don’t let this fact stop you from picking up Gusion. If you play him enough, you will get the hang of him and be able to use his abilities to max capability, and you’ll be able to 1v9 games.

  • As mentioned above, his Biggest weakness is his hard-to-play mechanism, but once you master him, no heroes can counter him.

Gusion Combo 

  • Second Ability>Ultimate>Second Ability>First Ability>Second Ability

Start the combo attack with your second ability, which throws knives in an aoe area and uses your ultimate. Again let you cast another wave of your second ability. Then use your first ability to lock onto one target and recast second ability to dash towards the hit target. Follow it using your second ability, which makes all the knives follow Gusion and burst the aiming target.

Gusion Spells

Since you are playing Gusion in the jungle, you will always take retribution for faster jungle clear and exp. However, you can also go Execute Spell if you play Gusion in the MLBB off-lane for the extra burst damage.

Gusion Build

Here the table shows the best items build of Gusion in Mobile Legends to make him a better mage/assassin:

Arcane boots 
Arcane boots, as your first build item, provide extra attack speed and magic penetration, which allows Gusion to move around the map while doing bonus damage.

Genius wand 
This item is another item that grants you magic power as well as magic penetration as it allows you to reduce the magic defense of enemies and it stacks the longer you are in fights making the enemies take more damage from your magic abilities.

Glowing wand 
Since your first second is on a relatively short cooldown, you can spam it and poke and make full use of this item passive that burns targets for 3 seconds which scales with level. It also grants you extra magic power and health for the sustain.

Divine glaive 
Another magic penetration item that works really well with gusion is a divine glaive. It grants you flat magic penetration. It also stacks the more you are in a fight up to 20%, which is a lot for the best MLBB build of Guison.

Holy Crystal 
This item increases your magic power as its passive gives you 35% extra magical power. It can be a lot when paired with all the other magic power items making you deal way more damage.

Winter truncheon
Gusion’s last build item will be winter truncheon for sustain and defense, as it grants you defense stats like health and armor. It Makes you invulnerable for 2.5 seconds, which is useful against assassins that can one-shot you.

Gusion emblem

Gusion emblem mobile legends

Mage emblem is the most ideal for gusion as it grants you stats such as +17 magic power,+13.5magic pen,+2% movement speed,+5% magic lifesteal and +5% cooldown reduction, which all work super well with him.

Best skin

Gusion skin mobile legends

You can still obtain this Gusion skin from the shop for just 899 diamonds. It’s a good deal as this is the best skin for gusion that all gusion one tricks use.