Miya Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

Miya Mobile Legends Build | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the build of Miya, which includes her best items, emblems, spell, combo, counters and skins in Mobile Legends(MLBB).

Miya is a hyper marksman in MLBB. She is one of the few ranged heroes who can target more than one target with her autos, which makes her a very strong marksman in teamfights. She is also easy to use and only has one skill shot ability. All of her other abilities are just buffs that increase her damage.

Miya is fun to play as she is reliable on her attack speed and auto attacks for damage. She has tons of attack speed, and if you are good at kiting. Playing her can be fun and rewarding, so I recommend Miya if you are trying to play a marksman carry in Mobile Legends.

Miya Combo

Here is the best combo attack of Miya in MLBB:

  1. First Ability+Second Ability+Ultimate

Miya has no particular combo, and you can start with whatever you want. But most players usually wait for their team to engage so they can use their first ability to deal damage to three enemies at once and get passive attack speed.

Then they use her second ability if the enemies get too close, so they get stunned. If that is not enough, they use her ultimate, which gives invisibility and can help you escape from sticky situations.

Miya Spell

To combat the weakness of lack of mobility, Flicker is the best spell for Miya in MLBB. You can even build Miya with purify spell if the enemy team has lots of CC.

Miya Build

To make Miya a savage marksman, here are the best items build for her in Mobile Legends:

Corrosion scythe
It is the ideal item build that provides Miya with extra attack damage and attack speed. The passive of this item allows you to slow enemies. It helps run down enemies and for Miya to kite successfully.

Swift boots
Swift boots provide tons of attack and movement speed, increasing damage output. Therefore, if you want high damage from Miya in MLBB, you can build her with Swift boots.

Demon Hunter sword 
Demon Hunter sword grants you tons of physical attack, life steals, and attack speed. The passive lets you deal 8% of the target’s current health, which is very good on Miya as you auto a lot and deal more damage.

Golden staff 
This item provides you with a godly amount of extra attack speed and caps up to 500%, which is insane for MLBB Miya build as you can auto like crazy while kiting. It also synergies well with all the other passives of the other items.

Haas’s claw 
Haa’s claw grants you tons of lifesteal and attack speed, and its passive grants you +15% life steal whenever you are below 50% health which can help you clutch close fights.

Malefic roar
Since you need armour penetration, this item will grant you just that, as it grants you +35% armour penetration for enemies who are stacking armour.

Miya Emblem Set

Miya emblem set mobile legends

In Mobile Legends, you can go with either the assassin or the Marksman emblem on the Miya build. However, I recommend the marksman emblem as it provides you with everything you need from attack speed to movement speed and even crict chance making this emblem very strong on Miya.

Miya Counters

One of Miya’s biggest weaknesses is her lack of mobility. If you mispostion on her and the enemy’s target locks you, then you will regret so be mindful about your positioning.

So, Miya is weak against the Mobile Legends heroes like Saber, ling, Lesley, pharsa and chou, and they can easily counter you. However, Miya is strong against the MLBB heroes like Balmond, Clint, Layla, nana and x borg.

Miya Skin

Miya skin mobile legends

Doom catalyst Miya is the best skin by far as almost every Miya main uses this skin. It feels like a different hero; unfortunately, this skin is no longer available for purchase as it was only for a limited-time offer.