Mobile legends Nana Best Build Guide

Mobile legends Nana Best Build Guide

This article will guide you with the best Nana build in Mobile Legends(Mlbb), which includes her ideal items, spells, Emblem, Counter and Combo.

Nana is a utility support in MLBB that provides lots of utility to the team. She is known for being annoying to play against if you are playing any assassin or fighter that needs to go in and engage. She can disable your entire engagement, which can be annoying. 

Nana is also a popular pick in MLBB tournaments and ranked games, as she is easy to use while being very useful and Strong. So if you are looking to switch your role to support and want easy and best support to the main, then this hero is for you.

Nana Combo

Here is the best combo of Nana in MLBB:

  1. Second Ability+Ultimate+First Ability

As disengage support, you don’t start fights, but instead, you wait for the enemies to engage with you so you can use your utility to disarm and disengage them. And once the enemies engage, throw your second ability towards the fed enemy carry, which will disable them for a while. Then use your ultimate to stun them even more, followed by your first ability.

Nana Spell

Flicker is always the best spell for Nana in MLBB as she has no mobility or dash, so flicker can help you alot. You can also pick Sprint if you want the extra movement speed. However, if you want to build Nana to do more damage, Flameshot is also a good ML spell for her.

Nana Build

Nana best build mobile legends

These are the best items of Nana in Mobile Legends to build her better mage/support for most situations:

Arcane boots
Arcane boots, the first build item, is the best choice for Nana, as it grants her extra movement speed and magic penetration.

Cloak of destiny 
Cloak of destiny is good for the late game as it scales and it’s for late game, and it also grants extra health, magic power and mana. This item makes Nana build stronger to deal more damage, be more tanky, and solve her mana problems.

Lighting truncheon 
This item is perfect for bursting down squishy heroes as its passive allows you to do 50-1000 extra magic power, which scales with max mana and can hit up to 3 enemies. Lighting truncheon also grants your extra magic power, cooldown and mana.

Genius wand 
This item is for the extra magic penetration for more magic damage. This item grants your extra magic power, movement speed and magic penetration. Its passive reduces the magic defence of enemies the more you are in combat, and it stacks up to 3 times.

Divine glaive 
Another magic item that grants you magic penetration and magic power is a divine glaive. Its passive also allows you to shred the enemies magic defence, and it stacks up to 20%

Holy Crystal 
The holy crystal grants you the highest amount of magic power possible. Its passive also increases the overall magic power of Nana in MLBB by 35%, which boosts your damage, so pick it to complete the build.

Nana Emblem set

Nana best emblem mobile legends

The mage emblem is the emblem set for Nana in MLBB as it grants you everything you need, like +13.50 magic penetration,+2% movement speed,+5% magic lifesteal,+5% cooldown reduction, and +17 magic power.

Nana Counters and Weakness

Since Nana is strong against heavily engaging heroes. But, she becomes useless against heroes with long ranges and doesn’t need to engage.

Nana can counter heroes such as Ling, Hayabusa, adlous, and chou in Mobile Legends. However, Nana is weak against MLBB heroes such as Pharsa, ceclion, diggie, Saber and Atlas

Nana Skin

nana best skin

Slumber party Nana is the best skin of Nana as it is the most used skin by every player. It is very cheap compared to other good skins, and you can get this skin for only 599 diamonds