Best Build of Moskov in Mobile Legends(MLBB)

Best Build of Moskov in Mobile Legends(MLBB)

This article will guide you with the Moskov Build in Mobile Legends, his best battle spell, emblem set, combo, counter and skin. 

Moskov is a hyper-carry late-game marksman in MLBB who is notorious for his late-game attack speed, damage, dashes and stuns. He is also one of the very few ML heroes that had a global ultimate that he can target anywhere on the map. He is also an easy hero to use as almost all of his damage comes from his auto attacks, which you do not have to aim, and his autos pierce enemies. So you can do aoe damage with your attack even as a ranged hero.

Moskov Combo

Here is the best combo attack of Moskov in MLBB:

  • First Ability+Second Ability+Ultimate

Using his first ability to dash will give you a burst of attack speed. Follow it up with your second ability, which knocks back enemies and stuns them if you hit them behind a wall. You spam your autos and use your ultimate.

Moskov Spell

Flicker and Inspire are both the best choices for Battle spells on Moskov in MLBB. Flicker provides an extra dash and can help you chase enemies or escape sticky situations. Inspire provides you with tons of attack speed which drastically increases your damage.

Moskov Build

Here are the ideal Mobile Legends items for Moskov to Build him a savage marksman hero:

Tough boots
Going tough boots the first item is a good choice since you can move around the map quicker and farm. Also, you will get extra magic resistance, movement speed, 30% cc and slow reduction, which is very good.

Corrosion scythe
This item provides extra attack speed, physical attack and movement speed, which works well with moskov. The passive of this item also lets you slow all enemies hit, which makes running down enemies easier, as moskov can auto-attack a lot.

Golden staff
Golden staff is good item to build Mlbb heroes like Moskov, who depend on their auto attacks and require attack speed. This item converts any 1% extra crict to attack speed, and the attack speed cap is up to 500% which is perfect for moskov as he is an auto attack reliant hyper carry.

Demon Hunter sword 
You’ll need armour penetration every game. €so going Malefic Claw allows you to do that. It grants you 35% armour penetration as well as grants you more in combat you are stacking up to 20%.

Haas’s claw
Buying this item grants you with physical attack and extra life steal. It also allows you to clutch low Hp fights. Its passive is that it allows you to have +15% health while you are below 50% health.

Malefic claw
You’ll need armour penetration every game. So going Malefic Claw allows you to do that. It grants you 35% armour penetration as well as grants you more in combat you are stacking up to 20%.

Moskov Best Emblem

Mobile Legends Moskov emblem

Going assassin emblem for Moskov is way better than any other emblem as this provides a +13.50 pen,+15 physical attack, +3.5% crict,+5% cd reduction and +2% movement speed.

Moskov Counters

Moskov is weak in the early game, as his damage relies solely on his attack speed. Without any attack damage items, he becomes useless as he will deal no Damage, but if you farm and get at least 3 items, he will start doing damage.

Since Moskov is a late-game hyper, he gets bullied in the early stages of the game by any early-game heroes. So, heroes like Chou and Saber can counter Moskov in MLBB. However, Moskov can counter any heroes that don’t have mobility or dash that can escape his second skill knockback into a stun. So, heroes like Miya and Layla are weak against Moskov in Mobile Legends.

Moskov Skin

Mobile Legends Moskov skin

Twilight dragon Moskov is the best skin by far, as it feels like you are an overpowered demon, and everything about this skin feels different. Unfortunately, as cool as this skin might be, it was only available for a limited-time event.