Mobile Legends Lesley Best Build Guide

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Build Guide

This article will guide you with the best item build of Assassin/Marksman hero Lesley, in Mobile Legends(MLBB), including her best Spells, Emblems, combos, counters and weakness.

Lesley is an assassin/marksman in MLBB that used to be a very common pick appearing in almost all of your ranked games. She was always either banned or picked. 

Lesley is easy-to-play and a safe pick because she has one of the longest-ranged attacks in the game. She also has invisibility and a knockback that pushes any enemies that try to engage her making her very hard to deal with. She also has insane damage and can provide vision with her ultimate, which is a very long click-on ability.

Lesley Combo

Here is the best combo of Lesley in MLBB:

  1. First Ability+Continous Autos+Second Ability+Ultimate

To start the Lesley combo, you use your first ability, which makes you invisible, granting you movement speed and extra auto attack range. Then you just hit them continuously with your autos, and if they try and engage on you, use your second ability to knock them back. If they run away, then finish them with your ultimate. Do not use Lesley’s ultimate at the start, as it does more damage the lower the target is.

Lesley Spells

Flicker is the best spell on Lesley build, as it makes you even more annoying to deal with as it provides you with a dash which allows you to position yourself better. You can also either go sprint if you are confident in your positioning and need the extra movement speed.

Lesley item build

Here are the ideal items for Lesley in Mobile Legends to build her better in most situations:

Lesley best build mobile legends
MLBB Lesley BuildDescription

Swift boots
Swift boots, as your first item build, are a good choice, as it gives you both movement speed, attack speed and the ability to 1 hit one, which synergies well with Lesley.

Berserkers fury
For more damage, build Lesly with a Berserkers Fury item. It grants you extra physical damage and crict chance, and its passive increases crict damage by 40%, as it grants you extra physical damage every time you crict.

Endless battle 
Endless battle grants you the life steal that every carry requires for sustain as well as extra physical damage and health. It’s passive and also lets you do true damage the next ability you use which works really well with Lesley’s first ability.

Blade of despair 
Blade of despair grants you the highest amount of physical damage possible out of any items which are why people buy two of these items on Lesley for the maximum burst damage. This item also provides you with extra damage to lower health targets which is perfect for one-shot squishy Carries.

This item gives aoe damage as it provides Lesley with the ability to auto three targets at once, granting attack speed, physical damage and crict chance.

Lesley Emblem Set

MLBB Emblem set of lesley

For Lesley’s build, you can either go Marksman or the assassin emblem. But since she is a marksman in MLBB, playing with the marksman emblem on her is best for her. This emblem grants you everything you need from attack damage, attack speed and additional crict chance.

Lesley’s Weakness and Counters

Since Lesley functions as an assassin Marksman that does burst damage, she lacks dps compared to other attack-speed Marksmen, which can be a problem in some games. Lasley is bad against full-tank teams, as she has no real way to burst them down.

So, Mobile Legends heroes such as Ling, aldous, zilong, saber and Layla can counter Lesley without much effort. Similarly, Lesley is strong against and counters MLBB heroes such as Wanwan, balmond, khufra, atlas and Miya.

Lesley Skin

Stellaris ghost Lesley Mobile Legends

Stellaris ghost Lesley is the best skin for Lesley. It makes you feel like a completely different hero due to all the new voiceover, animation, skill sounds etc. But this skin is no longer available for purchase as it was a limited-time event-only skin.