Bane Build in MLBB(Mobile Legends)

Bane Build in Mobile Legends(MLBB)

This article will guide you with the best Build of Mobile Legends(MLBB) Bane, his items, emblem set, spell, combo, counter and skin. So, let us continue:

Bane is a fighter hero in MLBB whom you can play in the offlane and is a very common pick in the low ranks due to how easy he is to use. He is notorious for being hard to deal with in the game, as he will always rush and take all your towers. He is an excellent split pusher due to all his passive abilities having some aoe damage that can push and kill creeps effortlessly. 

Bane Combo

Here is the best combo attack of Bane in MLBB:

  • Ultimate+Second Ability+First Ability+Second Ability

Start the combo with ultimate, which summons a group of sharks towards a designated area and knocks up any enemy unit caught, dealing damage and slowing them. Then use your second ability and use your first ability. Again use your second ability to reactivate your second ability. Be sure not to miss your ultimate, as you will be useless in teamfights without it. Other than damage, Bane does not provide much for his team.

Bane Spell

Bane is a split-push hero in MLBB, so the Arrival spell is one of the perfect spells to build him a better fighter. With this spell, you can teleport towards your teammates to help them quickly. Flicker is also a good spell on Bane as it provides you with a dash which solves banes lack of mobility problem.

Bane Counter and Weakness

One of his weaknesses is lack of mobility, which means any raged enemies can kit him easily, and he can not dodge abilities.

Bane is strong against fighters that are useful in teamfights that need to be in teamfights to be effective. So, Bane can counter team-fighting heroes in Mobile Legends like Balmond, Alucard and Zilong, and they can’t defend towers against her.

As mentioned earlier, Bane is countered by heroes with lots of mobility and range that can kite him from a distance. So she is weak against MLBB heroes like Wan, and Ceclion.

Best Build for Bane

Here are the best MLBB items for Bane to build him a savage Mage/Fighter for most situations:

Endless battle 
Endless battle as first item provides everything to Bane. Like, CD Reduction, Mana Regen, Health, Movement Speed, and many more, that synergy perfectly with him.

Magic shoes 
Going magic shoes grants you cooldown reduction, which allows you to spam more abilities.

War Axe
War axe provides you with a physical attack, health and cooldown reduction. Also, the passive of this build item grants Bane extra damage.

Hunter strike
Hunter strike provides you with physical attack and cooldown reduction as well as gives you physical penetration. The passive of this item grants you movement speed. Every time you hit the same enemy hero or creep 5 times, you get a 50% movement speed buff.

Blade of Despair 
Blade of Despair grants the highest base attack damage to Bane in the entire game. So, it is good for dealing tons of damage to the turrets and being more effective in split-pushing.

Immorality is the best last item on any fighter due to the extra security and life it provides.

Bane Best Emblem Set

Bane best build Mobile Legends

Go assassin emblem on Bane for the +10 physical pen, +13 physical attack,+2.5% crit,+4.50% CD reduction, and +2% movement speed. You can also go a fighter emblem on him for extra health and a physical pen, but the assassin emblem is much better.

Bane Skin

bane skin MLBB

Castle master bane is the best skin for Bane in MLBB, as it makes you look fancy and classy and gives you different animations and skill effects. However, unfortunately, this skin is not available as this was only for a limited-time event.