Which are the best Fighter Heroes in Mobile legends?

Which are the best Fighter Heroes in Mobile legends?
Role of Fighter Heroes in-game

Fighter heroes mainly focus on gold and exp level in Mobile legends. Speeding in the leveling up heroes and farm help the heroes get more ability, and you can buy new items.

If the hero has enough farm, he can kill the enemy units effortlessly. The role of the fighter heroes in the MLBB is to defend the turrent from the enemy units roam and help to kill the enemy units.

Top 5 best Fighter heroes you should pick in Mobile legends

1. Sun

Sun: best Fighter heroes you should pick in Mobile legends

The first hero on the list is Sun, who can play the best fighter role in the MLBB solo and team battle. He is a melee hero who can summon the double ganger and blink up to the short radius to escape from the enemy. This ability helps survive longer even though the enemy unit takes massive damage.

Also, Sun can charge towards an enemy dealing massive damage, and summon the exact dopple ganger with the rage and movement rate. So, if you pick the Sun for the MLBB fight, this fighter hero will not upset you in the mid-game.

2. Barats

Barats in MLBB: Strong fighter hero

Barats is the best tank/fighter hero from the start of the game if you are quick to attack and maintain its stacks. He can set a trap, and if the enemy units or creeps fall under it, then the trap pushes the enemy units towards him. It helps to get him more stacks and damage.

Also, Barat can deal heavy damage, stunning the enemy for a couple of units. So, Barats is a strong fighter in Mobile legends, and he becomes overpowered in late games.

3. Roger

Roger fighter hero in MLBB

Roger is a melee/range hero who can play the best marksman/fighter role from the early game dealing massive damage towards the enemy units.

He got two sides one is a fighter, and another is a marksman. So, being a fighter hero, the roger deals heavy damage to the enemy units falling under his range.

The second ability grants a bonus movement rate and damage rate to Roger. His final ability lets him change from marksman to fighter and vice versa.

4. Yu zong

Yu zong heor in Mobile legends

If you want to win the team fight in Mobile legends, you can pick Yu zong as a fighter hero. He can perform best from the start to the late game.

His final ability is the most useful, which lets him transfer into the dragon dealing the damage towards the enemy units around him and giving him the bonus damage to his ability.

5. Aldous

Fighter hero Aldous in MLBB

Aldous is one of the Strongest fighter heroes of mobile legends(MLBB), and he becomes more powerful in the late game and can kill the supports/marksman in a single shot.

His damage depends upon his stacks- the more his stacks, the more his damage, and his total stacks are 500.

He can deal damage, stunning the enemy for a couple of seconds. And his final ability lets him charge towards the enemy from one place to another.