How to make an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft?

How to make an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft?

Killing skeletons only to get the bones can be risky and time-consuming. Therefore, you should create an automatic bonemeal farm to get unlimited bonemeals without risk in Minecraft.

What is a bone meal, and what are its uses?

A bone meal is a substance made from bones in Minecraft, and you can get these bones from skeleton mobs. You can use bone meals for growing crops and trees faster in Minecraft, but it doesn’t work on some plants like cactus, nether wart, vines. The bone meal also can be used for making dyes to craft banners and other things white.

How to build an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft step by step

The materials needed to make a bonemeal farm are:- Half a stack of building blocks, some cactus, sand blocks, water buckets, hoppers, composters, and a minecart with hopper.

So, after getting all the resources, you can follow these steps to do bonemeal farming in Minecraft:

Step 1.

Make a big rectangle with your building blocks.

First step to build an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft
Step 2.

Place water buckets at one edge of the rectangle. Since the water is not flowing all the way, dig 1 level from where the water stops flowing.

Step 3.

Place multiple sand blocks over one another in the middle and put cactus on them.

Step 4.

Now what you want to do is- Place the fence between the cactus on the second block. (The cactus pop up when anything touches them. So by placing the fence, the cactus will pop up every time they grow.)

Forth steps to make an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft
Step 5.

Now, at the end of the rectangle opposite to water flow, dig 3 levels down and put rails on the floor.

Step 6.

Then put a minecart with a hopper on them. You can make a minecart with a hopper using a hopper and a minecart. And to make a hopper, you will need a chest and some iron ingots.

6th step to build bonemeal farm in Minecraft
Step 7.

Place 5 composters over the minecarts. You can get these composters from villages on the farms.

Step 8.

Place 5 hoppers on top of the composter, and do it while holding crouch. (Items in the hopper will go to the composter)

Step 9.

By making a room in the back, you can check the bone meal in your minecart.

Final step build an automatic bonemeal farm

There, your automatic bonemeal farm is ready in Minecraft, but you can make this process faster by adding more cactus. You can add a layer on the top, like the one below. You can also make the rectangle bigger and add more cacti to upgrade your bonemeal farm.

upgrade your bonemeal farm

Frequently Asked questions

  • How to craft a composter in Minecraft?

Firstly, make wooden slabs by putting planks on the crafting table(3 planks=6 slabs). Again open the crafting table and place 7 slabs in U shape to make the composter.

  • How to make Hopper in Minecraft?

Firstly, smelt iron ore and make 5 iron ingots and After that, make a chest. Now, place iron ingots and chest on the crafting table to craft a hopper. (In the picture)

How to make Hopper in Minecraft?

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