Making Minecraft automatic pumpkin/melon farm

Minecraft automatic pumpkin/melon farm

Pumpkins and melons are a great source of food other than bread, beetroots, potatoes, etc. You can use Pumpkin/melon not only as a food source, but you can also use pumpkins as decoration blocks, and you can make fancy blocks from melons, so you should make their automatic farm in Minecraft.

The Materials required to make a pumpkin or melon farm are 2 pistons, a bucket of water, a hoe, dirt blocks, 2 Redstone dust, some glass, 5 hoppers, cocoa seed or pumpkin seed, a stack of temporary blocks, and some torches.

Steps to build Minecraft automatic Pumpkin/melon farm

Step 1

Place down 5 blocks, making a line.

Step 2

After that, place 3 blocks on both sides, creating a small box with one side open.

Step 3

Then, place 3 dirt or grass blocks on the edge of the box.

Step 4

From the middle, break one block in the back of the box.

Step 5

Then place 2 blocks one block behind.

Step 6

Place a bucket of water in the hole in front of those blocks.

Step 7

Place a block in front of the water. Then place the observer in such a way that it faces forward.

Step 8

Then add two pistons on both sides of the observer, such that they are facing forwards.

Step 9

Now dig a 3*2 box and one block outside, as shown in the figure.

Step 10

Place down a double chest at the corner.

Step 11

Fill the rest of the box with a hopper that connects to the chest. Hold crouch while placing the hoppers next to the chest and from one hopper to another.

Step 12

You can place some torches to prevent mobs from spawning near the area.

Step 13

Now use the hoe to plow the dirt in front of the observer.

Step 14

Then place a pumpkin seed or a melon seed in the plowed dirt to start farming of your choice in Minecraft.

Step 15

Place Redstone dust behind the pistons. If placing 2 doesn’t work, try 3 Redstone dust by removing the block behind the observer.

Step 16

The Pumpkin or Milon producing farm is ready in Minecraft, so now you will need to cover the farm. Place some glass blocks in front of the farm, then cover the farm with any blocks.

Once the pumpkin\melon produces on the farm, the piston will push them into the hopper, and the chest will store them. Pumpkin/Melon are slower to grow than other Minecraft crops like wheat, and carrot, so do not rush into thinking this automatic farm doesn’t work.

It also gives food in low amounts, so you can increase the food you get from pumpkin or melon farms by adding more observers, water bodies, pistons, hoppers, etc.