How to Make an automatic Redstone door in Minecraft?

Automatic Redstone door in Minecraft

In this article, you will learn to build Minecraft automatic door that uses Redstone, step by step with pictures.

A door is a Common block in Minecraft, and you can craft it effortlessly-Just put Two columns of planks on a crafting table. Doors help you to enter and exit any place and protect you from different hostile creatures.

Also, you can use Minecraft doors for decoration purposes. However, after the advent of the Redstone era in Minecraft, everything is different, even a door.

This Redstone door is one of the Basic things to make in Minecraft. If you are learning and understanding the mechanics of Redstone, this might be one of the basics to start.

The raw material(Resources) required to make the Redstone door are some red stones, 4 sticky pistons, 4 building blocks (door materials), 2 Redstone torches, 4 pressure plates, and some other building blocks (for general use, it can be the same block too.)

Steps to Build a Minecraft Automatic Redstone Door

Step 1

Firstly, dig 2 blocks 2×3 hole on the ground.

First step to Make an automatic Redstone door in Minecraft

Step 2

Now, from the middle, again dig 2 blocks deep hole and make it 2 blocks in length. Again, remove the upper 1-1 block on both sides.

Step 3

Then, place Redstone dust on all of the blocks you dig except those 1 block deep. Place a Redstone torch on them.

Step 4

Then, place building blocks on the Redstone torches and cover the remaining holes on the ground level.

Forth step to build  Minecraft automatic Redstone door

Step 5

After that, place your block needed for a door in the middle of the build, like in the picture.

Step 6

Now, place the sticky pistons on the block between the block popping out from the ground facing toward your door blocks. Place the pistons on both sides.

Step 7

Again, place another two sticky pistons on top of those two already pistons.

You will notice that the lower piston will activate, but the upper pistons on both sides remain inactivated.

Step 8

To activate those two pistons in this Redstone door, you should place a piece of Redstone dust on the block beyond the pistons (the block which was popping out from the ground)

Step 9

Finally, place the pressure plates in front of the door blocks on both entrance and exit.

So, you successfully have completed the task of making a self-functioning Redstone door in Minecraft-It is fully automatic. If you walk across the door, it will automatically open and close. The simple Redstone concept is that the layer of Redstone dust was to carry the signal passed by a pressure plate, and the use of a torch is to reverse the charge and reactive the pistons, so your door will open automatically.