Minecraft Charcoal farm: How to build this automatic farm?

Minecraft Charcoal farm

Fuel is one of the most essential resources in Minecraft, and that is why this article will tell you how to build a Charcoal Farm. You can use fuel for many things like smelting iron, gold, and ancient debrie, which is needed to make good armor.

The fuel sources used in Minecraft are coal, charcoal, wood, and lava bucket, and coal is one of the most efficient and common ores among them, but charcoal is one of the better options since it lasts much longer than coal.

Materials Required to make the automatic charcoal farm in Minecraft are: 2 furnaces, 4 chests, 6 hoppers, 2 droppers, some Redstone, 2 Redstone repeaters, 1 Redstone comparator, 16 coal, a lot of wooden logs, and some dirt.

Steps to build a charcoal farm in Minecraft that works automatically

Step 1

Dig an area with dimension 5*6 where 5 is the front part of the farm.

first Step to build a charcoal farm in Minecraft that works automatically

Step 2

Then, Dig the platform one level more, so the depth is 2 blocks.

Step 3

Then, Come to the front side with a width of 5 blocks and stand in the middle, and on just your right, place a block(any block).

Step 4

Place a Redstone repeater near the block and put Redstone just like in the picture below.

Step 5

Then put another Redstone repeater in the same position as in the figure.

fifth Step to make an automatic charcoal farm in Minecraft

Step 6

Then just behind the block, place a Redstone comparator.

Step 7

After that, Behind the comparator, place 2 droppers facing upwards.

Step 8

Your charcoal farm should be looking like this from an aerial view.

8th Steps to build an automatic charcoal farm

Step 9

Now, Place a hopper behind the bottom dropper.

Step 10

Then, Place down 2 more hoppers connecting the hopper behind the dropper, and place 2 furnaces on top of the two hoppers.

Step 11

Place two hoppers on top of those furnaces. Then place two behind the furnaces.

12th step to make charcoal farm in Minecraft

Step 12

Place down 2 chests on the top hoppers, then put the other 2 chests on the bottom hopper.

Step 13

Place down a hopper connecting to the second chest.

Step 14

Put 8 coals in each of the furnaces.

Step 15

Place 4 dirt blocks in the bottom hoppers.

Step 16

Put many logs in the top chests. Here the logs go to the furnace for making charcoal.

Step 17

You can add a standard saying the wood and charcoal.

17th step for making charcoal farm in Minecraft

Step 18

This Minecraft automatic charcoal farm will take some time to work, and the chest will store all these produced fuels after the hopper gets filled.

Step 19

Now you can cover up the farm to make it safe.

charcoal farm in Minecraft that works automatically