How to get experience points in Minecraft to level up fast?

How to get experience points in Minecraft to level up fast?

In every survival game like Minecraft, you should farm experience points/XP to level up in the game. Levels are a motivating feature because every higher-level player unlocks new things.

While enchanting any items like armor and weapon, you will need to give some levels which require experience points. Also, renaming things in the anvil costs you XP.

Moreover, the enchantment Mending takes up your XP points for increasing the item’s durability in Minecraft.

10 Best ways to farm experience points in Minecraft:

1. Killing the bosses

Killing Ender Dragon in Minecraft to farm XP points

The best way to get a lot of exp points is by killing the bosses of Minecraft. Currently, there are two main bosses in Minecraft, The ender dragon and the wither.

So, Killing the ender dragon for once will complete the Minecraft story mode and give you enough exp points, and you can again respawn the dragon and kill it again to gain more experience.

Also, you can spawn and kill the wither as many times as you want to farm experience points. So, Killing these bosses is one of the fastest ways to level up in Minecraft.

2. Killing hostile mobs

Loots like Leather are in the ground after killing hostile mobs in Minecraft.

Killing hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, creepers will give you not a lot but a decent amount of experience. In your survival game, you will encounter many of these hostile mobs, so kill them whenever you get the chance.

3. Trading with villagers

Trading with Minecraft Villager to earn Experience points

Trading items with villagers is also the best method to gain a decent amount of XP in Minecraft. In the village you live there you can make many villagers into different workers using the workstations. Then you can trade items with all of them to gain experience points for level up and enchanting purposes.

4. Mining ores

Mining diamond ore in Minecraft for exp points

Being Mining a compulsory objective in Minecraft, you will not go back, and while you mine different blocks like a diamond, coal will give you exp points sometimes. So, you know where to find these ores, go there and start mining in large amounts and collect the points.

5. Breeding

Minecraft Chicken:

Breeding animals in Minecraft is fun and has its benefits. Firstly, you will get the required resources without struggle. For example, you no need to go anywhere to find chicken for the mean- breed them near your house.

Secondly, breeding every kind of animal will give you the experience points. So, either to make your life easy or to gain XP, breed the animals as much as you can.

6. Bottle O’ enchanting

Bottle O’ enchanting is a non-craftable item and the best source to get XP in Minecraft. To use it, you must throw it towards your feet. The bottle gives you about 11-18 XP points. You can find these O bottles in the stronghold, trading with clerics, etc.

7. Fishing

Even though Fishing is time-consuming, it is one of the best ways to farm a good amount of experience points in Minecraft. But if you are lazy to do this task, you can make an AfK farm to get different rare items, including experience points.

8. Mining quartz

Like mining ore in the overworld, you can get experience points by mining these quartz blocks in the nether. So, you might think It is not the best way to make XP points because you have to travel to nether. You can make this method optional. In the coming days, if you have to go nether for some objectives, then forget not to mine quartz as you will earn more XP to increase your Minecraft Level. You can get much experience from mining these blocks.

9. Smelting

After Mining, Smelting is another Easiest way to farm XP in the game. If you have enough ores in your inventory, then put them in the furnace and get the metal, as well as exp. You can use this method to get tons of exp overtime. It is easy, isn’t it?

10. Exp farms

From the concept of killing these hostile mobs, you can make different structures that trap these creatures like spider exp farm, zombie, drowned exp farm, etc. These farms will keep collecting certain mobs, and you can go to some mass killing from time to time. This way, you can get lots of loot and experience fast.

How to level up fast in Minecraft?

After reading the article and knowing all the methods to farm XP, you might have got the idea of leveling up in the game. Yes, the only best way to increase the Minecraft level is to collect more and more experience points/XP from the source mentioned in this article.