Best Baron Laners in Wild Rift- Top 5 Champions

Best Baron Laners in Wild Rift

If you have no idea of Baron Laners and which champion to select for Baron lane in LoL Wild Rift, then read this article to get the idea.

Baron lane is one of the most vital roles in Wild Rift due to the number of champions in this lane that can hard carry the game when ahead.

Saying this, I would also like to say that playing baron lane is not as easy as it looks. It is the most Ganked lane by the enemy jungle, mid lane, and sometimes even the support.

So when playing this lane, I suggest you be wary about missing enemies and careful of Ganks. So, I suggest you pick these strongest Wild Rift Champions for the baron lane to dominate your enemy in the fight.

Top 5 Best Wild Rift Baron Laners

1. Garen

Garen: A Baron Laner champion in Wild rift

Garen is a simple to learn baron laner that functions as a full tank that soaks all of the enemy’s abilities and damage. He also deals a massive amount of damage himself. Garen has been dominating the baron lane in Wild Rift for almost a full year now without any drawback.

He has everything you want in your baron lane, a healing passive for sustain, a silence in his first ability, an ability that lets you take reduced damage for a short period. Also, he has strength that deals critical damage around him, and his ultimate that does an insane amount of damage the lower you are on health.

So, if you are looking for an easy and simple game, then Garen is the best Baron Laner champ for you.

2. Fiora

Fiora champion in Wild Rift

Fiora is a fighter and a lane bully in the baron lane. She has an insane amount of poke and range, and she can poke the enemy laners with her first ability without putting herself in much damage.

Even if she gets poked in the lane, she can easily heal up by hitting the enemy laners in their vital spots with her first ability from far away. It gives her more health and movement speed. She can easily carry any losing game in the right hands once you master her. This way, the Fiora is best known as the best champ for baron lane in Lol Wild Rift.

3. Camille

Wild Rift Camille Baron lane Champion

Camille is hard to play and the master champion who is perfect in the baron lane. She can dominate almost every single match due to her very safe kit and ability to poke. Camille can doodle the enemy from far while healing herself and slowing them, so they fail to trade her back.

She is very dominant in the mid to late game stages. However, if she gets one or two items, she can easily carry the match. But, be warned though Camille is one of the Strongest baron laners, she is the Hard champion to learn in Wild Rift. So be patient with her.

4. Sett

Sett: A champ

The Sett is a top lane bully who is best to bully every melee champion. It’s literally impossible to win a 1v1 against a Sett as a melee champion as he can beat you down.

But, the only way to counter Sett is by playing a ranged champion and kitting him. However, it is challenging because Jayce is the only ranged top laner in baron laner except for the team, so in every single match Sett ends up winning.

The Sett is also one of the champions that you can use your teammates against you with his ultimate. He slams a selected champion as an aoe damage that does percentage damage depending on how Tanky your teammate is.

So if he decides to ult a very Tanky teammate towards your whole team, then the damage will be insane.

5. Jayce

Jayce Champion

In Wild Rift, Jayce works as both a Melee and ranged champion in the baron lane according to the match-up. He is very strong and dominant in the baron lane due to his range advantage and strength to access six abilities when he reaches level 3. And he can use those abilities to bully his enemy laners out of the lane and dent their farm. Then he uses the advantage he gets from the lanning phase to impact the game by helping his team.

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