Best ADC Champions in Wild Rift: Top 5 you should pick

Best ADC Champions in Wild Rift

Role Of ADC and their importance in WildRift

The role of ADC, also known as Attack damage Carry is one of the most crucial role Champions in Wild Rift, especially in the mid to late stages of the game as they deal the most damage.

ADC champions farm safely in the early stages game, get gold, and then start carrying when they get items. Playing This role is no joke for the entire duration of the game. You are the main target of all the enemy teams, and positioning is most necessary in the ADC role as any fed enemy champions can easily one-shot you.

So, here I’ve listed the five best ADCs that you should pick for dominating the battle in LoL Wild Rift.

Top 5 ADC Champions in LOL: Wild Rift

1. Ezeral

Ezeral: Best ADC champion in Wild Rift

Since ADC is a very targeted and focused role where the survival of the Carries depends on how well they position themselves while doing damage. At the same time, Ezeral strives can play a good ADC role as this champion can deal damage from afar without any risk of his safety.

Ezeral is a Hard scaling champion who is useless in the early game stage. But once he gets two or three Full items, he can easily carry every team fight and deal an insane amount of damage while staying alive. Therefore, the Ezerale is one of the Best ADC in LoL Wild Rift, his all ability helps lead the team to victory.

2. Kai ‘sa

Kai 'Sa champion

Kai sa is a 1v9 carry machine in Wild Rift that can easily carry any game no matter how bad her teammates are. She does mixed damage and can build either Ability power or attack damage depending on the enemy team comp.

This champion is relatively weak in the early game due to her small range. Also, the Opposite laner can poke and harass her easily. But once she gets her items, she can easily carry, and even if caught off position, she can use her ult to fly to safety. That is why the Kai Sa champion is on this list of best ADC.

3. Vayne

Vayne: Best AD in Wild Rift

If the enemy team has more than two Tanky champions, picking Vayne as adc in Wild Rift is a no-brainer. She can melt the tanks like they are nothing with her insane True damage and kiting skills. She is the worst nightmare for every tank in WildRift as building armor does nothing as she has True damage.

Building health is futility because Vayne deals with percentage-based HP. Also, she can go invisible, which is Op on any carry champs. But, be sure to play the early stages safe as she is much weak without items.

4. Draven

Darven Champion in Wild Rift

Draven is not your typical AD carry, a useless in the early stages of the game and needs items to deal damage. His whole kit is designed to deal massive amounts of damage.

Draven is a super early game carry as he deals way too much damage. Also, he can use kills and extra gold that he gets from his passive to snowball the game even harder.

Once Draven gets a kill, it’s almost impossible to stop him because of his insane damage. Ganking his lane usually results in the jungler dying along with the enemy duo, not a Lane in a 3vs2.

Note that Draven isn’t an easy champion to use in Lol Wild Rift, he needs practice, or he’ll be useless. If you succeed in mastering Draven, you will get all the benefits of his ability like other best AD champions in LoL Wild Rift.

5. Xayah

Xayah Champion

If you are tired of always being aimed and focused during team fights in Wild Rift, then xayah is the best ADC for you. She can easily root anyone that goes straight for her. She deals an insane amount of damage, and her attack speed is ridiculously broken.

Her ultimate move makes her invulnerable for 2 seconds, making it super helpful when she focuses on team fights. Also, like the other 3 AD Carry Champions in this list, she is useless without her items. So make sure to play safe early on Wild Rift fights.