Yuumi in Wild Rift Build: Best Spell, Counter, Rune, Item

Yuumi in Wild Rift

Yuumi is a recently released champion whose main role is support in LoL Wild Rift. She is a different type of support from the rest of the traditional ones due to her unique playstyle.

Yuumi functions as enchanter support like Nami and Lulu, as she provides you with attack speed, healing, and extra stats. She is also considered one of the most toxic and non-skill-required champions in the game due to the insane value that she provides once she sticks on a fed carry.

Moreover, Yummi in LoL WR grants selected allies more stats and more damage and grant them movement speed and a massive burst of movement speed which can be really toxic to deal with.

How to Play and master Yuumi? Her combo

Yuumi has a simple yet effective combo in Wild Rift. All you need to do is auto an enemy target, then choose a fed ally to carry to attach to using your second ability. It will, in turn, provide the carry with a massive shield and make you invulnerable. Once yuumi casts her ultimate, she can’t redirect the direction of her ultimate so make sure to place your ultimate direction well.

You follow up the combo with Yuumi’s ultimate to root the enemy and follow that up with your first ability and third ability to grant the carry with healing and movement speed. Always choose the most fed carry on your team so he can be even stronger.

All about the Build of Yuumi in Wild Rift

Yuumi Wild Rift Build picture

Yuumi’s counters in Wild Rift

One of Yuumi’s weaknesses in Wild Rift is her defense. If you manage to stun yuumi when she is not attached to any champion, then enemies can kill her effortlessly. Another weakness of yuumi is unlike other supports in Wild Rift- she is 100% dependent on the Carrys. She can not really do anything if all 4 members of her team are behind. Another flaw of yuumi is her early game. She is a bit weak without at least 2-3 items, so make sure to play safe in the laning phase.

Moreover, the best counters of Yuumi are Sona, Rakan, Alistar, and Liona, and she is strong against Braum, Lux, Brand, and Thresh.

Yuumi’s Best items

Since Yuumi is a support champ in Wild Rift, her first best item build will always be sickle for the extra gold and utility. The staff of flowing water and Boots Enchant are another perfect item choice for her.

Similarly, the fourth item for Yuumi is an imperial mandate for the extra damage, followed by an ardent censer for the attack speed buff, and then rylais crystal as your final item for the extra tankiness and slow.

Yuumi’s Best Runes

Arey is the best rune for yuumi in Wild Rift as it is effective for poking and granting extra shields. Her second rune will be scorch for the extra damage poke in the early game, followed by a guardian for the extra shared magic resist and armor. Since yuumi struggles with mana and have mana problems, the mana flow band as her last rune will help solve the problem.

Yuumi’s Best Spells in Wild Rift

Never take flash on yuumi, as she does not really need it, so taking ignite or exhaust and ignite is good, depending on the matchup for the extra spell advantage.

Yuumi’s Skin: Heartseeker Yuumi

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