Pubg New State X-Suit Collections

Pubg New State X-Suit Collections

X-suit is one of the most precious, fashionable, and rare outfits in Pubg New state. The features of these X-suits are good-looking, legendary, luxurious, upgradeable, and rare to unlock. If you go on the battleground equipping the X Suit, you will get appreciation from everyone. In this article, I will list all the New State X-suits, and if you have anyone among them, you are among the appreciated players.

All X-Suit collections in Pubg New State

1. Mad scarecrow

Pubg new state Mad scarecrow x suit

It is the first X-suit outfit of pubg new; I hope you remember. If you are an old player, you might know the craze of this S-suit of the new state. The mad Scarecrow outfit set came in the Nightmare crate on November 2021, and in that time, few players unlocked this x-suit; therefore, this set is one of the rarest sets in Pubg new state.

2. Lord of blood

Lord of blood x suit

Lord of blood is the second Evo outfit/x-suit in the new state. Among all the legendary outfits, this lord of blood looks really outstanding, mainly on level 3. This suit came in December 2021, and players unlocked it from the lord of blood crate. At that time, that crate was also one of the best opportunities to get other legendary items in this game.

3. SkullFrost

New state SkullFrost x suit

SkullFrost is another X-suit of Pubg new on this list; this outfit is similar to a ghost raider outfit. This suit looks like mythical salvation with hazard animation out of their body. The skullfrost X-suit came on December 2021, and Pubg New player unlocked it from the skull king crate. During that time, Christmas themes and events were running on the game.

4. Crystal queen

Crystal queen x suit

Crystal Queen is the best X-suit for female players of Pubg New State. This outfit came on January 2022, and the player unlocked it from the frozen wonderland crate. This new state x-suit is best for emotes and outstanding loot crates in level three.

5. Pure Angeloid

Pure Angeloid x suit

Another best outfit for females in this list is Pure Angeloid, which looks like an angel’s set of myths in Pubg New state. It came in February 2022, and players unlocked this angeloid x-suit from the pure angel crate. You might know the best level 3 dress and team join emote of this skin.

6. Archsavior

New state Archsavior x suit

Our 6th X-suit on this list is Archsavior, a set that appears like a lord of the insect, and its design is really Amazing in levels 2 and 3. This outfit came on March 2022 in the judgment of light crate, and the best part of this suit is the level 3 outfit and parachute emote.

7. Phoenix thief Top

Phoenix thief Top x suit

It is the 7th evoluation outfit/x-suit of Pubg new state, which came in May 2022 on the phoenix thief crate. The entry emotes, and the cool appearance of this outfit motivates the player to play the game all the time.

8. Thunder gold

Pubg new state Thunder gold x suit

This New state X-suit set came on June 2022, and many players tried their luck with the thunder gold crate to unlock this best-looking set Thunder Gold. Among all looks, this set is really cool on level 3 because the bore is available.

9. Love goddess

Love goddess x suit

Another rare female X suit is Love Goddess, which came in June 2022 in the Venus crate. At that time, the New state upgradable skin of Groza was also available in the Venus crate.

10. Dragon knight

Pubg new state Dragon knight x suit

Our 10th Pubg new x suit set is Dragon knight, which was introduced on August 2022 in the dragon knight crate. The best part of the dress is team join emote and their level outfit.